Quasimodo Sunday

Today is one of the most solemn feast day Sundays of the entire year.   This day is also known as Low Sunday;   also known as Close-Pasch Sunday;  formerly also known as Sunday in albis depositis.

So solemn is this Sunday that no other feast may be celebrated on this day…no other commemoration may bump off the considerations appointed for this day.   

Quasimodo?    Funny name!

Quasimodo – “in the manner of.”       The entire phrase which gives today its name is from the first book of Peter, chapter 2:    Quasi modo geniti infantes.    In the manner of,  or just as, new born babies…..

This is the last day of the Easter Octave;  in other words, it closes out the Easter week;  i.e. Close-Pasch.     We are given a week to “dive in”  to all the deep rich meaning of Easter, new spiritual life made possible for us. 

A long time ago, those who just entered the Church at Easter, today, at the end of this week,  stop wearing white robes which showed everyone that they were brand new and had been made clean by their faith and baptism.    That’s the name Sunday in albis (the white robes)  depositis (put ’em away!).

Pure and innocent, without guile, like the baby’s eyes above

Whether we have been believers for a long time or whether we are brand-new believers, today’s Introit which opens the liturgy begins, ‘As newborn babies, desire the rational milk (of the Word) without guile, that you may grow!

The Gospel today reminds us about St. Thomas.    “Also known as The Twin,”  St. John adds.  Didymus, or as the Great Alcuin comments,  geminus.   Twin.   Twin-minded.   Double-minded.   Should I believe what the other disciples told me, that Jesus has risen from the tomb?   Or not.

“Don’t believe  everything you hear.”   Jesus knows St. Thomas (and we) have heard this before.   What kindness and patience.

One lesson here today is:  Just because you shouldn’t believe everything you hear doesn’t mean you shouldn’t believe anything you hear.      Want to hear more about Jesus?

Nearly 2,000 years.      No one who has come to Jesus, questioning,  open,  without guile, willing to know and to learn,  and hungry for the sincere milk of Truth has ever been disappointed.      

We can start there.    Hungry for God.      Quasi modo….as a little infant, ready and willing.

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