Sometimes you just need a pick-me-up.   

Mine is called The Coffee Barrel: 

Been feeling a little tired these past few days.   My wounded thumb is “under control” – I think it’s more healing than not.   At least it’s not making my body feel hot and achey anymore.

 I was wondering if what’s left of feeling icky this week is what my Grandma used to call Spring Fever.      Tired for no good reason.

God grows a remedy for that.

And they sell it inside The Coffee Barrel:

Every four or five or six months I make a trip here and choose from all the wonderful white bags of fragrant smelling coffee.    I usually just post the bags that I’ve purchased, lying on my kitchen table, but this time I want to remember the fun of walking into this little store and smelling all the wonderful smells, all mixed up together.

Then you walk around the displays, reading everything:  Blueberry muffin coffee;  Highlander Grog;  Toasted Almond;  Roasted Chestnut;  Bananas Foster;   Dark Chocolate Decadence;   and my all-time favorite:   Almond Joy, which tastes just like an Almond Joy candy bar, only not sweet.

Hmmmm.  Think about that one.   A candy bar that isn’t sweet.  

I like my coffee dark,  strong, and  bitter.    I always say,  Just like life:  invigorating! 

Come to think of it,  they have Espresso flavor there too!

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