I’m here now.     London.

London, Kentucky,  that is,   right about under the C of Kentucky, I think.      Renfro Valley.    Renfro Valley music on all the radio stations, if you know what I mean.    All three of them.     (Not much AM radio reception in the mountains.)

But it’s a lovely place, with beautiful green “hills” that stretch on forever.   Through my driver’s windshield I see long curving roads, uphills and downhills, bright green valleys and mountains,and gorgeous rock cuts that look like I’m driving through the walls of a stone palace.

I allowed for time to get out and look around a bit.   I was on a kind of mission.   Hubbie and I discovered Daniel Boone’s last home in Missouri last summer, and we were both curious about his life in Kentucky.

 Well, I found him here.      Fort Boonesborough in the heart of Kentucky, where he lived his earlier, most famous pioneering years and where he raised his family and where he fought Indians from the fort.

It was a working fort.

This loom dates from about 1820, which was not far from the time Daniel Boone lived here – maybe by fifty years.   His own father and grandfather were weavers – taxed for having five looms by the English Crown (before the War for Independence.).

The fort was filled with other “inhabitants” too – a blacksmith, a woodworker, a cook, storekeepers.    Very friendly and willing to talk.   Soemtimes the women had leisure time to sit and talk too:Got my exercise walking around that fort for a couple hours.

Feels like I got my exercise just driving the car too.    My goodness!!!    I’ve never been this old before!!!    Found a very nice motel last night in London, but, you know,   being close to Renfro Valley and all,  I could just hear the great old deep  voice of London Paris singing out This Old House   (as well as Rosemary Clooney,  Mel Tillis,  Brian Setzer, Tennessee Ernie Ford…..)

Just search a bit on YouTube for a performance of This Old House, and tap your feet – you can feel it all throughout your aching bones:


This old house is gettin’ shaky
This old house is gettin’ old
This old house has seen the rain
This old house has seen the cold

Ain’t gonna need this house no longer
Ain’t gonna need this house no more
Ain’t got time to fix the shingles
Ain’t got time to fix the floor
Ain’t got time to oil the hinges
Nor to mend the window pain
Ain’t gonna need this house no longer
He’s getting ready to meet the saints

Oh his knees are gettin’ chilly
But he feels no fear or pain
‘Cause he sees an angel peepin’
Through a broken window pane


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