(Apologies to Clint Eastwood for the mangled title)   —  My first view of my parents’ home:

And, in their driveway,  trying to see their garage door:

I spent two hours the next day scraping, soaking, rubbing, soaping,   applying a de-bugging  acid-remover, detergent/wax and elbow grease trying to get rid of these things.

That’s poor Hubbie’s Big Red Car which suffered the attacks of the Lovebugs….In one-half hour of driving I-95 through a storm of black specks that sounded like sleet or hail hitting the windshield, the car was covered with these things.    Can you read the front license plate that he was so proud of?

Nope.   And the local news says you have to get these things off your car within 48 hours or else!  If you don’t, the acid from these dead bugs will eat right through your paint job.

So it was two hours in the hot sun, removing these things…oh, yes — or else!

There are some GOOD and   “charmingly” different things down here in Florida.   For one,  all night long, during the hourly traffic reports, the traffic situation is given for drivers “heading out to the beach”  or  “coming home from the beach.”     All evening at regular intervals:   “Highway 518 is clear with no incidents, no delays for those of you leaving the beaches.”      Well, that’s nice, after a hard day…at the beach.

Palm trees are “charming” too.  Imagine having palm trees just growing in your grocery store parking lots and alongside city streets.

One time I was coasting to a stop at a busy city intersection…and was being paced by a pelican!!!

Night birds are very … exotic.   The sounds they make range from the eerie to the downright menacing.  But I guess they’re just little birds bedding down for the night.   At least I hope so.

And the “BAD” of this posting’s title?    I am an inveterate and incorrigible DX-er.     And this is a terrible place for it!    How I miss familiar voices and the  thrill of finding new ones.   What do people DO all night long around here?

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