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May 20, 2011

Just mostly photos in this post.    Son and I went on a hunt for manitees yesterday.

Here’s what we were looking for:   Manitees, those lovable, friendly, harmless mammals of the ocean coastal areas, related to the elephant family.

My Mom made it look so easy, about ten years ago.   I was visiting her again, and one day she said,  “Let’s go see the manitees!”    So we drove to the park, walked out to the end of the pier, there were about four of them floating around, and she knelt down, one came over to her, and she reached down and petted it and stroked its funny looking face.

Son and I….with our GPS….missed the first turn into the park.  Were redirected to approach it from a northern angle eight miles away.  Drove into three different private drives.   Were redirected back to the southern route – and this time, 45 minutes later, we made it:

There were cautions and instructions….And our hands were eager and ready to Go Pet A Manitee.

It was such a beautiful, peaceful place.

I sat down on the pier and enjoyed the calm river, waiting for a manitee.    Waiting.    Waiting….

Finally we noticed we had a visitor:

Alligator, not manitee.    It was just a baby….

Skinny, bumpy, maybe three or four feet long.

Son encouraging the alligator to come closer….It didn’t.

We drifted off to other viewing locations in the park.   We never saw a manitee, but we found other “wildlife” at the bottom of the river:There were crabs and many schools of little fish and many large fish jumping out and flopping back into the water.

Very peaceful way to spend an afternoon.

Watching the barnacles grow….

…everywhere they can…

So…. a quiet vacation day in Forida.

(But I still have to ask my Mom how she got the manitees to come!)