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May 25, 2011

It’s time to bring this Florida driving trip to a close.

A lesson I learned:     I stopped in northern Georgia, desperate for a place to lay my head.    I found myself in a small, old, kind of smelly, “basic” foreign-owned  motel room.     I told myself   “I’m only here to sleep,”  as I cringed and curled up in sheets brought from home, and waited for the air-conditioner to freshen the air.    With a chair wedged against the door I felt somewhat safe;  what more do I need to rest my body than safety, privacy, darkness, and a  bed?

The next morning , after cleaning up and packing up, I went into the office area to see what breakfast they offered.   It was “breakfast.”      White bread and jelly;  white bagel and oily spread;   white biscuits and white gravy.    And miniature waffles, which the owner told me proudly that he had made himself….”already.”

When you put “already”  together with “made waffles,”  you get ice cold waffles.    ….which the foreign-born owner helped me microwave  (I do not microwave my food !) – and then proceeded to pour my coffee and my orange juice, and talk and ask how I was and generally make me feel like he enjoyed his job and he enjoyed all the people who came his way.  He treated the couple others in there the same way.

In the end, I had heard his life story, was most impressed with his straightforward and humble way of telling his American success story – hard work, seizing opportunities, preparing for his own future, and all the while caring for other people….sounded a lot like Hubbie!

The sun was shining, and I felt genuinely good about the morning!    And I really liked “people” in general and I felt pretty confident about myself.

After a stop at a gas station to get a “proper breakfast”  of sunflower seeds, some nuts, and a fruit  vegetable juice blend, I was ready to enjoy a sunny day of driving, rather humbly noting to look for the hidden goodness in seemingly less-than-favorable circumstances.

More hours and hours and miles and miles – but as you ponder all the road trips you’ve ever taken,   take time out to THANK A TRUCKER.    They keep our grocery stores filled – and all the other stores we need to go to.

Pleasant hours and hours and miles and miles in the GREAT SMOKIES:Surely some day I will travel to the Smokies instead of through them.

We are all watching the third day of killer tornadoes on television.   The first of these days was on my mind as I drove north out of the mountains, into familiar Interstates – and into heavy skies blowing across my path.

It was serious.  I saw the aftermath of a spinout from hydroplaning.

But soon I was getting that feeling that the End of the journey was in sight:

I couldn’t stop taking photos as I got closer and closer to those rays of sunshine:

I turned westward onto I-96 and had one more big thunderstorm to drive out of – Stunning.

I  looked straight ahead and thought of all kinds of things…..”light at the end of the tunnel.”   “Darkness before the dawn.”   “Now, we look through a glass, darkly;  but then we shall see face to face….”  A difficult trip…ends with the promise of home: This is my experience;   this time.    I’m sure you have had or will have this kind of experience sometime too.    Through difficult times….on to a beautiful sunset. 

Another lesson learned:    At the end of a long journey,  however long our journey lasts:  “Joy comes in the morning.”

Hope is a Gift of the Holy Spirit.  It’s a “theological virtue,”  as we say in Christendom.   If you let it into your heart and nurture it and grow it,   then even a beautiful sunset can remind you of the Morning that is surely waiting for us.

God is good.