It was a beautiful outdoor wedding on the lake at the Kellogg family’s gracious manor house yesterday.    Wonderful young people who deserve a lifetime of happiness together.     There were birds singing, flowers and leaves rustling in a slight breeze, and the sound of gentle waves lapping against the shore.

Then we moved indoors for the wedding banquet and reception….

And then we moved downstairs into the cellars for the tornado!

(No photos yet, because even now, 24 hours later,  power, cable, and Internet service are still interrupted.     I am a “refugee” in a Burger King for food and Internet, two necessities of life.   Hats off to Burger King – and other public places that provide such things to their customers.)

The wedding celebrations  were eventually restored upstairs, and afterwards I left as it was getting dark.   The manor house was located in the midst of a maze of narrow, winding, rolling mostly-paved country roads.    It was the one time I nearly lost faith in what the GPS was telling me.

On the drive back I did see a lot of storm damage and  had to dodge a few tree limbs.    Drove through my little neighborhood, thinking how late it must be because everything is “so dark.”  It wasn’t until I tried and re-tried and re-tried my garage door opener that I realized we’d be having a “memorable” Memorial Day this year…without power.

Here was my plan for today:

That is the flag for this year’s Rolling Thunder group.  They are selling them for your motorcycles for their fundraiser.    Today, hundreds of thousands of motorcycling  men, women, and families will gather in Washington D.C. to proclaim our freedom and raise in honor the many soldiers who died to preserve that freedom.

I witness with increasing sadness, sorrow, and a little fear how our rights as American citizens are being taken away, one by one, several by several – and always because of some vague, nebulous “good” that is chosen by unnamed others.

One of our Founding Fathers said:   “He who gives up freedom for security will, in the end, have neither.”

Just so.

I won’t be able to watch Rolling Thunder on television as I had planned, but it is nice to know that they are indeed there,  proclaiming and celebrating our freedom and the lives of the many soldiers who died to, so far, preserve it.

I thank God for placing me in this country.    May I take good advantage of the opportunities that Freedom offers us.

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