These hit me in the face this morning…just about before I fully woke up.   I was reaching into the refrigerator for some orange juice, opened the freezer door instead,  and I was confronted with five vertical feet of fluffy sparkling white palm fronds!

(We have a side-by-side;  it’s easy to mistake the doors in the early morning.)

No packages of frozen meat, frozen vegetables, frozen anything.   The entire opening was covered with a layer of these hairy, frosty branches.    It was creepy and beautiful all at once.

And I did wake up.

Slowly an explanation formed in my mind.   It was all frost.    I must have left the freezer door partly open last night, and all night long the big spiky branches of crystalline frost were forming.   As domestic “surprises” go,  this one is a pretty minor one.  No damage to repair, just a little wiping down with a warm cloth.  I wish I had had the presence of mind to take an actual photo first, but at that point I hadn’t quite reached a state of “imperturbability,”   that detached, objective state of mind that I wrote about a few postings ago.

It seems that as soon as you think of a quality that you lack and one that is possible for you to cultivate,   the Good Lord sends you opportunities to practice it.

As this summer winds down, and the Category called “Summer Silliness’  will go unused until next  year,  it’s good to enter the next season by taking stock, taking inventory of where you’ve come from, how you’ve progressed, what you’ve learned.

And I’ll get  to test my new goal of imperturbability  tomorrow – during the Football game.    (heh)

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