Time is so precious.     Time is too precious to leave it to someone like me to lay down important activities haphazardly in each day.   I know there are many guides and self-help books to help organize each day so important things aren’t missed, but for me,  I choose to lay myself down squarely in the middle of historic Christendom,  where, through the centuries, useful and important traditions have developed.

Like this one, today, on Saturdays.

Lovely, beautiful, joyous Rose.    Roses of many colors, but always, when we take the time to look closely, there is a stab of startling appreciation deep in us, like a tiny thrill of joy for the beauty of it.

The centuries-old tradition for Saturday is to be aware of Mary, the Mother of Jesus, most particularly as she and the Apostles and disciples experienced the deep sorrow of the Crucifixion.   Sorrow and grief and loss for a real event that occurred.    There is no doubt that Jesus was really dead and gone, and for them, on  into the day following the Crucifixion,  He is still gone.

Was there hope in her heart that the prophecies of Simeon and Anna, 33 years before in the Temple, would  come true and this would all mean something important and marvelous in the End?   Was their faith in all their hearts that the strange sayings of Jesus could actually point to a reappearance?     “No sign will be given to you except the Sign of Jonas.”    “In three days I will raise this Temple up again….”     “I leave the world and I go to the Father.”    “Behold, I go to prepare a place for you…”    

Hope and Faith can bring beauty and joy into the worst of circumstances.

Hope and Faith are virtues that Mary, the Mother, had, and her severe sorrow cannot erase the beauty of the graces with which God filled her.    The Angel who had come to her hadn’t called her by the name “Mary.”   He had called her by her heaven-known name:   “Full-of-Grace.”    (Luke 1:28;   modern English does not treat the original Greek very well.)

Full of Grace, gracious and beautiful with the reflected Beauty given to her from God, a soul made pure by her own Son, her Savior.     Very fitting that a rose, a breathtakingly beautiful flower,  should be her symbol and lift up our hearts to our Creator.

Those of you in Friday’s class will recognize that particular pink rose.   And how are you doing with your “rose practice” ?

Happy meditating while your pencil is working!!


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