For my military friends out there, this is a sit rep  (with a sat map)

For my non-military friends,  “Where do YOU live?”

If any of us live anywhere under the curved lines, then we may have a surprise at the end of this week.

On the other hand, most of the time when these things happen,  they surprise only the sharks and the whales.   And one time it was the Inuit who were surprised…in the Yukon Territory.    Not many news reporters traveled up there to ask “how they felt” about it.

Well,  “it” is the situation we have at hand this week.     A few years ago,  “we”  sent a big satellite into our Upper Atmosphere to collect data and do some research.    But sooner than we expected,  its orbit began degrading,  and the whole satellite is on its way to the earth’s surface.

Terminal velocity.

Somewhere under those curved lines.     When asked exactly where it will impact,  NASA’s answer is “We’re really never confident.”

But they will give us, oh, two hours’ warning.



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