And one of my little peeps had a bad one.

I almost thought I had seen a leaf flutter to the deck and then rise partway up again in a breeze before falling down again —  but, no,  I couldn’t deny it   It must have been a bird.

So,  looking down from (my) eye level, there he is on the deck,  recovering from a collision with my sliding glass doors.

I felt sorry, responsible somehow.  I try to keep my windows dirty and unclean,  (Ha!)  but I know that collisions happen, and this seemed to be a big one.   A collision with injuries.

During the next hour, I kept checking back every once in a while:

Just checking back and trying not to think too much about it, but thinking about “collisions” in  general.    Objects can collide.   We drive “defensively,”  for instance,  so we can avoid one.    In the world of ideas,  ideologies collide.   Political goals collide.    Religious myths collide.   Wills collide.

It’s common for things of differing characteristics to meet up with each other.  Sometimes learning ensues.    Sometimes there’s a confrontation.    But if we’re not careful or not wise, the confrontation can lead to a collision.

It’s important to pay attention because in most collisions,  something, someone gets hurt.

Just ask one of my little peeps.

Oh, the little guy finally picked his head up and hopped a few inches away.

Since we had just heard last Sunday that Our Good God, Present Everywhere,  keeps his eye on the sparrow, and values it,  I thought of commending this little finch’s recovery to the aid of St. Francis.  It was the least I could do.   But before I could think that through,  I heard a funny, croaky “peep!”  and the goldfinch had flown away.

“Birdbrains”  aren’t always so lucky.

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