At least that’s the way I saw the game, through blurry feverish eyes.  ( I found out why I had such an energy drain last week, the one I wrote about a couple posts ago.   101 fever these last two days.   I guess it takes a lot of energy to stoke up a temperature like that. )

Nevertheless, blurry eyes or not, the Bears did fight the Bears today.   They earned lots of penalties giving us a lot of reverse yardage.    And it would be awful nice if the Bears could find their own quarterback — and give him a little protection.    Jay Cutler threw more good passes than bad ones, but the rest of the team seemed to be doing their own thing.   Two different passes actually bounced off of his intended receivers.

 And it didn’t help when the officials joined the other team too and called back a Bears run into the end zone with a flag for an Imaginary Holding.  That’s not just a sore Bears fan talking.  It was called on perhaps # 29, of which the Bears didn’t have that number out on the field.  Or perhaps it was called on # 21,  but every time the camera showed # 21,  he was nowhere near enough any other player to do a “holding.”    Maybe more cameras will magically  find what the ref saw, because the announcers sure didn’t.

So some days are unexpectedly tougher than others,  but we WILL bounce back.    I hated to cancel class for tomorrow, but if I didn’t,  then the next week I’d show up and probably all the rest of you would be “missing.’

So long for a couple days.   Moving these fingers over the keyboard takes a lot of energy.   Got to save it up for . . . .

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