“Let the Party continue !!”     At least that’s what it feels like today.   I’m rather weary from Christmas shopping today,  contented, and not a little surprised that I accomplished so much on my To-Do list at the Mall.

 Now comes the “hard work”  and the messes.     But just when I was feeling the fatigue of it all,  that’s when that thought came to me:   Let the party…continue!    I liked giving that Christmas party this weekend.  I especially wanted to “give” each person a happy time, a happy opportunity to meet with friends and enjoy each other’s company.

I had a list of people who that party was for, and now I have a list of who my gifts are for.   I can’t give a party for everyone I know and I can’t give gifts to everyone I know, but it’s the same action — the giving of something that would just make people happy.

And there are more ways to “give” too!     Christmas cards, letters, phone calls, smiles and encouraging words, conversation, little courtesies.  It’s all like continuing one big long Christmas party for the whole season.

The most valuable gift of all that we can “give”  to the people in our lives is the gift of a prayer.     Think of praying for someone as giving them a little gift!    You don’t even have to know their names, but I think in the real spiritual world,  that prayer will be “delivered.”

What fun again!     You can hold your own secret party, even if you don’t have it at your house.   You can give gifts to people without buying them presents.    And I promise you,  it will feel like you’re at a party for the whole Christmas season.

I know…all the busyness, the To-Do lists, the schedules, the fatigue,  the worries…. It’s hard to whip up the energy for a wild party sometimes.

Well, have a quiet one, all by yourself.   A quiet occasion for all the friends you can think of.   Think fondly of the people you know, think what would make them happy.    Pray for each person you know about.

Look deeply into the eyes of the Infant Jesus:

It’s something He would want you to do.

Gaudete!   Rejoice.   It makes you happy to be kind to others.   Like having a party for all of Christmas.

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  1. Jon Says:

    Our priest, Fr. Fortunato Turati, gave his homily Sunday about our ravenous desire to get everyone gifts. The part that struck home was when he asked: “What are you going to get Jesus this Christmas?” Nuff said. Have a nice trip.

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