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June 30, 2012

I’ve been thinking about the demise of Christendom and the deliberate destruction of Western Civilization.    I was wondering if there were any Christian leaders left in the world.   I could think of only one –  and I may be wrong, there may be another –  but I could think of only one, and he may be a metaphor for the peril we are all in.

Now, you wouldn’t think that all the power and legal and financial might of the whole European Union would fear just one man and his one tiny alpine country.

But they do fear.     They are afraid of the outcome of this weekend’s voting in Liechtenstein.  The Council of Europe is afraid that the people will vote to support their own monarch.

The Socialist leaders of Europe, through all their news media,  have already unleashed the most hate-filled and bigoted speeches against their monarch, and they have managed to infiltrate this sovereign nation’s political structure, making it appear that the “people” voted for a certain referendum supporting a favorite Socialist cause.

The monarch of Liechtenstein,  Prince Alois von und zu Liechtenstein is his title,  will certainly veto this referendum that is foreign to their culture and to their morality. And that is where the problem lies.   Deep down, every socialist, every leftist, every liberal must eventually  reject God and the morality that follows from His revealed truths.   And then they must crush Christian morality wherever they find it.

This is a modern little country too; prosperous, well-educated, nice people:

Ugly things are being done in this beautiful little country.   More ugly things will be done to this beautiful little country.   It has been made to appear that the “people” have spoken in an evil “referendum” and if the “people” vote this weekend to limit their prince’s powers to veto it, then they will have rejected Christian morality that built our civilization, and the prince has stated he will then leave the country he loves so that he will not be a part of killing of unborn children.

Simple as that.    This beautiful, ancient country will be without their monarch.

No wonder Socialist Europe fears Prince Alois and the citizens of Liechtenstein with a snarly hatred, ready to pounce with all the destructive weapons of “democracy”  in their armory.    Socialism is once again exposed as the destructive, murderous, immoral, brutal, and bullying force that it is.

Prince Alois is the one remaining Christian leader that I could think of.

Our prayers are needed.     Or else:   “Russia will spread her errors throughout the world….”      We were warned.


June 28, 2012

The Lord God, that is.   King of kings, Lord of lords, Master of the Universe.   It is He who has “seen it all before.”   He has seen kingdoms rise and kingdoms fall.    He has seen great nations begin and He has seen them come to an end.

This is just a Pep Talk to me.     I’m living in the heavy world of current events.

The things that happen in our world are, relatively speaking, temporary things.   The book of Wisdom says:  “For God made not death; neither hath he pleasure in the destruction of the living.”  (Wisdom 1:13)

“For he made all things that they might be;”    (Wisdom 1:14)     Not that they may come and go;  rise and fall.   These things are not “of God.”


I suppose we could try to rebuild from the ruins:

That would be a very worthy endeavor.    Although it would require constant battle against those who don’t want the ruins rebuilt, and we would have to use the ruins to build new things for us because once things are destroyed, they are gone.

I suppose we could just put our finger in the dike and prolong what it is we have for as long as possible.

 But serving the status quo is a losing proposition.     Things are either growing and being built up or else they are dying and being torn down.   Everyone is part of one or the other in this world.

“He made the nations of the world for health. . .For justice is perpetual and immortal.”   (Wisdom 1:14b, 15)

God has seen it all, the rising and falling of many nations that can’t quite sustain their health.  This is nothing new to Him.

I need to get some sleep now so I can Work tomorrow on building things up.    Time to rest in perpetual, immortal, unchanging justice of God when I leave this world.





June 28, 2012

Well, I did sleep a little this morning….and then I woke up to discover:   now we have a Citizen Control bill with no impediments.


I thought last night’s posting here at the Tunnel was a little pessimistic.

Apparently not pessimistic enough.

From a 2009 interview of one of those appointed to carry out the orders of our Rulers: Where, in your opinion, does the Constitution give specific authority for Congress to give an individual mandate for health insurance?

Sen. Leahy (D-Vt.): We have plenty of authority. Are you saying there is no authority?

(“Constitution?  What Constitution?”)

Don’t forget, dear Readers,   somewhere around p. 1004 in this citizen-control bill, in a paragraph that discusses the meaning of “data’  we read in this “health” control bill that all our private information will be in the hands of our Rulers:    such as  “…claims data, patient survey data, must be in standardized analytical files that allow for the pooling of data from disparate data environments and electronic health records and all other data the secretary deems necessary….”

S’okay,  though.   Nobody read the bill anyway.   Our Rulers will know how to handle us….and our information.



June 28, 2012

Have you ever wished you hadn’t gotten up at 4:00 in the morning to check the news?    I used to laugh and tell Hubbie that I was going to go into the TV room for a few minutes, turn on the television, and see “if the world is still here.”   I did that a little while ago.

Of course, it wasn’t there then and it still isn’t, not the world we had.

We all seem to be quite content living in the rubble heap of what used to be Western Civilization.   So great was this culture,   that many of us can still live well in its momentum, for a little while longer.   I don’t know if we’d be able to rebuild civilization anytime soon.

For now,   we search for what we want in the garbage that it is left.

We even send our children out into the garbage of decaying remains of scarcely recognizable things we call “music,”   “schools,”  electronic “story-telling,” “clothing,”  and “food.”

Emblematic of this “living in the dumps and calling it  good”  is the latest attempt to combine an innocent childhood treat with propaganda for a self-destructive way of life which passes around diseases and causes a waste of resources in terms of human illness and psychological misery and loss of economic production.

The creator of this Oreo Cookie Goody is Kraft, one of our big food corporations which states that this lie is “a fun reflection of our values.”    (A link to one of the reports is here.)

The tone of the comments to Kraft, at least the tens of thousands they’ve reported so far, was generally one of hate-filled Christian bashing.

Poof!  About fifteen hundred years of history has vanished and we return to the Roman Empire, complete with the tyranny of an immoral majority of citizens, engaged in a daily search to satisfy their lusts for power, material goods, and sexual experience of any kind.     Only the early Christians stood out, surprising everyone with their love and mildness, their concern for human life,   the unborn to the just born and all the way to caring for their most aged whom they honored as a source of wisdom in their families.  They came to the aid of the poor and of the prisoners.

Love for fellow human beings and love for the Truth were countercultural in the Roman Era — They stood out and apart from the garbage heap of the late Roman culture.

I peeked this morning.  The world is not there.  I’m going to go back to bed and get some sleep — and tomorrow I will strive to be like those early Christians.

And I’ll make my own delicious cookies, thank you.


June 26, 2012

I wanted to wait a couple days before I blogged again so people could have time to enjoy the beautiful cave paintings from Chauvet, France that I put up last weekend.   I’m sure you’ve read in the news a week or two ago that even older cave paintings have been discovered in Spain,  dating back 40,000 years ago,  but the most interesting thing about the cave in France is that it contained an actual altar that was used, so long ago.

   “The Crypt”      —   I had written that I feel a kind of kinship with these people of so long ago, because the very next morning I would be going to an altar also,  acknowledging my need for atonement.      I wouldn’t be entering a cave,  but ironically,  the place where I need  to go is named the Crypt, which is what that little sign says on the stone wall near my weekly dark downward entrance to the cave crypt.

Now I see not “a couple days” has gone by,  but three days already!   Time passes so quickly that I’m tempted to say “I haven’t done anything”  during these last days, or weeks, or months.

I’m glad I’m keeping a daily little journal so I can tell myself,  “Oh, yes,  I had a pretty full day”  when I read about all the days I’ve forgotten.   As a matter of fact,  it is that daily activity of writing in a journal that helps keep my days full,  full of as many worthwhile things as I can do, because . . .  my days are numbered.   (And so are yours.)

We are only given “so many days”  to use up, and it would be a terrible waste to go through them unthinkingly, as though we had an unlimited supply.    Soon we’ll meet the God who has provided for our atonement, and I’d like to get to know Him now, ahead of time.

So, I found myself in the book of Haggai this evening.    I’ve studied it before,  I’ve taught it before,  but I was surprised to see all its little treasures that I had forgotten.    And I came across these words:   ” . . . ponite corda vestra super vias vestras.”     And I said,  “Huh?”     My Latin isn’t quite that good, but Haggai seemed to be telling me that God says:   “Put your heart upon your road.”

  “Put”  — I’m in charge of “putting” things.   That’s my own action.

“My heart”  —   That means what I love and care about, what I care about enough to think about, what I think about often enough that it directs my actions.

“Upon”  —  I’m to put my “heart”  upon. . . .

“My roads.”   —    What I travel upon.    What takes me where I want to go.


Well, I’ve been on a lot of roads this year –  from one coast to the other, two road trips to California, one to Florida — and I’m not done yet.         I have many roads ahead.

 I chose to travel this road,  for several days at a time,  harsh and dry, but very beautiful.

And these kinds of roads also took me where I wanted to go –

Long ups and long downs on that kind of road.

And sometimes I choose this kind of road, rough and “unfinished”  and not very busy –

“Put your heart upon your roads.”

Of course, the “roadway ahead”  is our way ahead.    It’s our life before us, with all its variety and all its choices.   Put your heart there,  think about it.    What do you care about that made you choose it?    Examine the ways you have chosen,  says our God.

Examine.   Choose.  Live deliberately.    We still may have a number of days ahead of us.



June 23, 2012

I “visited” an altar, constructed 28,000 years ago, in France. . . . . . . . and I discovered that I am a human like these humans, and I worship as these humans worshiped.  That’s a bear skull placed on the altar.

Here is a print from a cave bear that walked near the altar around the same time.

These particular humans lived in the deep valleys of Europe.

Steep limestone walls rise up from the river below.

At the top of the valley are great forests.

Looks like an ordinary forest, doesn’t it?    But if you look at the bottom of the forest, you’ll see the top of those white limestone walls.  Deep inside the limestone walls are caves, with many chambers and hallways and beautiful formations.

We know there are ways that humans of 28,000 or so years ago are different from us.  I suspect we can use our imaginations and come up with so many ways that only the paleontologists are interested in listing and categorizing the ways.

More importantly,  there are ways that we are alike because their images can affect us too.   Feel these:

Here’s a close-up on those beautiful horses:

How about an antelope?

My own ancestors can be traced back only to about 11,000 B.C.     Before that,  some catastrophe hit our earth and temporarily interrupted our present Ice Age, melting the ice sheets that covered much of the northern hemisphere and obliterating much of the archeological records of our history.   But even so, I think these people saw the same kind of animals that my ancestors could have seen.

. . .and a graceful head which allows us to see the spirit of this animal –

After contemplating these beautiful drawings, I feel strange.   I feel swallowed up in some great river of humanity.  It’s a “river” made of billions of specks of precious present moments of our existence here on earth.

How wonderful that at every point along this flow of time, there is an altar and a sacrifice offered, and the knowledge that there is Someone higher than humans who receives our acts of worship.     28,000 years ago, their sacrifices were solemn echoes of the future Sacrifice that was to come.

Today we make a different kind of sacrifice that looks backwards in time to that same Sacrifice, the one that happened a scant 2,000 years ago.

I think I’m ready for church tomorrow.

(But there won’t be a “bear skull” on my altar,  just so you know….)


June 22, 2012

“Quietness and rest,” relatively speaking.     I found myself here a couple of days ago, back in the corner of a nice little coffee shop.

I needed to get some jobs done on the computer, away from all the distractions my home offers, and I wanted a nice place that afforded unhurried solitude and privacy.    (And espresso!)   I was able to concentrate and got my work done efficiently, had time to play with some of my electronic gadgets attached to my computer,  and still had time to relax and think.

It was a pleasant afternoon.

  Later in the day my mind floated up for me a Bible verse I had learned many, many years ago:    “For thus saith the Lord God the Holy One of Israel: If you return and be quiet, you shall be saved: in silence and in hope shall your strength be. . . .”  (Isaiah 30:15)

Now, the circumstances of this verse are that the Lord God is indicting His own people for having rejected His word and chosen instead “oppression and tumult,”  that is, running around in a busy sophisticated society with everyone on the go, multi-tasking, gaining power, status, a big bank account and no time for important things like caring for each other — and honoring God.

God seems to be giving them (us) a way back to Him, a route home, a plan.  And it’s found in quietness, and rest, and stillness in our soul.   That’s where we live with ourselves and think and grow and sort things out, and that’s also where we build our relationship with God.   “…be quiet, and you shall be saved.”    It’s quite important that we find a place to get away, slow down, and quiet ourselves.  “…You shall be saved…”   It’s not just for finding some peace and quiet, it’s for finding God.



June 19, 2012

What’s going on FOR FUN in The Spruce Tunnel today?

Here are the Leaves.  Much to my surprise, they sit there, being edible:

And here is the City –

An aerial view of “my city.”    I lived just out of range on this photo, a few blocks further than the bottom of the picture, near Wrigley Field.    That’s Lake Michigan and beautiful Grant Park along the left side.   One of those buildings down there was my first school.    I think we had a few floors of a fifteen story building.  Seems funny to think of that now.

In fairness,  sometime during elementary school we moved out of the city, off the right side of the photo, by a few miles to the “near west” suburbs,  so I actually “grew up”   along the edge of the prairie too….

But the city stayed in me.    I saw my first living cow in a museum.   “The Museum of Science and Industry.”   I know where chicks come from too;   they come out of egg shells that wiggle and shake on warm trays, and then a little beak makes a tiny hole in the shell, and after more wiggling and shaking,  the egg shell cracks and the little chick rolls out and stands up and looks like a real live little yellow chick.

Even now, all that doesn’t come together naturally in my mind.   City.  Museums.   Food.     The prairie has stayed in me too, though, and  I can always take a prairie view of things.

Here’s where my Leaves came from.    I’m growing  “lettuce.”   It seems to like my house and grows wildly in that square pot.   The leaves are a little reddish, though, and it doesn’t form a tight little ball, so you can’t call it iceberg lettuce, but it tastes real good.    It just seems like a funny idea to eat leaves that are growing out of the….dirt.

But that’s what we do.

And I’m going to do more and more of it, not because I’m “going green,”  but because this stuff tastes so good, and because I can trust what goes into the soil and what does or doesn’t happen to the food, and it feels like there is something natural and healthy about it.

In fact, since I’ve begun to eat more and more from the produce section of my local health food store, I’m astonished to discover that I don’t really like the kind of food I used to eat.    I’m not sure why it works that way,  but my “body” has taken over my food choices.

I’m still trying to put all that together.

Our bodies were created a certain way.   The planet we were made from has food that is fuel and healing for our bodies.     You can’t walk away from reality, and get away with it.     I’m getting more and more grateful for the reality of it all.


June 15, 2012

The Spruce Tunnel is a state of mind:

Quiet walks, random thoughts, the freedom to wonder, to question, to slow down to a human pace.      Last night a sort of Spruce Tunnel experience came to my back yard.

The trees get thick and lush in the early summer, and all is quiet and still.  The evenings are light up here in the Far North, and provide a perfect Time to sit and think — and visit with friends.     Our Thursday night class had to give up our normal meeting place, and next thing I knew we were planning “class”  on my own  back deck.

Hubbie used to be called our  Grillmaster,  but we had a very good substitute –  though whether he was appointed or he volunteered, I don’t quite know.

We didn’t seem rushed or hurried or stressed, but somehow food “appeared” for us.

Everyone brought his own specialty dish and we ended up with a real smorgasbord!   As far as I’m concerned, it was gourmet quality.       One man even reminded us that this was supposed to be our Bible Study, and he brought gourmet olives and figs, some sort of cheese served with olive oil and pepper (amazing!!) and flat bread and hummus.   Hats off to you!!    We know who you are!

“We the people” filled our plates and arranged ourselves around a table outside. . . . .

(I should keep the photo small to preserve a bit of our privacy.)   The peace and quiet of the surroundings took over as we went through the various courses slowly, leisurely, and talked about bits of this and that over the next three hours….

Need I say we never did get to the Bible Study itself?     Focus, organization, lesson plan, subject lesson, timing, books,  papers, note-taking, . . . it all seemed out of place.   They are only tools to get to something bigger, and we were already creating that “something bigger.”

As varied and unique as each of us are — such different backgrounds!   such different experiences!   such different personalities!  —  yet each of us have chosen to be citizens of the same Kingdom, loyal subjects of the same King.

Some of these people and some of you will hear on this coming Sunday sermons about the Kingdom of God, and from what I’ve read ahead,  often the Kingdom of God will be made to sound like something coming in the future.    We try to work to  build it here on earth and then some day in the far distant future, in the next life,  we’ll see  the real Kingdom of God.

“The Kingdom of God is within you….”      Our mutual King is the Prince of Peace.  He makes peace with us and puts His peace within us, and then He unites all His unique and interesting followers in His Kingdom of peace.    It’s His work.

“The Kingdom of God is among you….”     Jesus spoke to a group of people who stood around Him.   He, Himself, was in their midst, standing among them.  These words implied an invitation to join Him in His Kingdom which He would soon establish on earth, among men from all over the world.   The tiny little mustard would be sown and take root and would grow into one of the largest herb trees known, full of many branches that would become home to “birds” from all over, all citizens of the same Kingdom of God.

I felt the peace of that Kingdom last night.   I guess that was our real Bible Study lesson.


June 13, 2012

Thank you, my friends, for sharing the gift you received with me!

After all those terrible posts about Illusions  it’s time to sit down and ponder, with a cup of tea.   I chose the very wonderful tea that my friends shared with me and that I wrote about under the very unpronounceable name of TSAH-ee too voo-NOO,  transliterated, of course, but also known by the name of Greek Mountain Tea.   The “sticks”  that it’s made from are in the photo too.

I’ve been fixing to write all those posts about Illusions for a couple of years now.     I suppose motivated by the “teacher” in me,  I want you to know what’s going on around you, what’s building up,  what storm is gathering.   Perhaps we can take shelter.    But now that I’ve gotten that information out of my head, I feel strangely light and free.

That’s what I’m pondering.

     St.  Francis de Borgia

As some of you who know me know, there is a saint who sits heavily on my shoulders, pondering with me, reminding me by his example, what is important and necessary.   I’m so connected to him – I’m understanding a little about about him –  I keep his life before me.

He and I even had a love for professional sports;  his was some sort of ball game played on a field, and bullfighting, of course, not football and NASCAR.   — but he had to wrestle with where to give his time and attention, and his soul  gradually enlarged and grew towards Christ Our Savior.

The century he lived in was like ours,   full of sin and oppression, wickedness and morality in high places and low places.    Though he was given high positions in public office and was well-acquainted with his country’s issues,  he always directed his time and attention toward our Final Goal, and he became a very great saint.

So that’s all I have to do!     I can’t fix the whole world,  but I can wrestle with where to put my time and attention.     God has put St. Francis  ahead of me on my very own pathway, to remind me of what’s most important.

No wonder I feel lighter.


June 13, 2012

Other countries are watching with amazement at what subjugated Americans are forced to undergo….on pain of stiff fines or imprisonment.  Here is one excerpt from a recent British newspaper article:

There are hundreds more mortifying and oppressive and unlawful incidents reported.   If you start collecting articles about the immoral and illegal activities done in travel centers, you’d be astonished.     I said I don’t use public transportation anymore – so “what do I know?”     From five years ago, the cells in my body still have a shuddering memory of the groping by an immoral woman in uniform. . . .    

She was not punished.   

Today, five years later, she and the others perform what is called “enhanced”  (actions).  It is worse now that we are used to this.

If we can’t help ourselves, will the Brits come to our aid?   Just wondering.



June 13, 2012

I’ll bring this issue to a close now.

I’m not going to talk about the effects of back-scatter radiation on the human body.

If you’re interested you can look up numerous articles about the ability of teraHertz waves  to unzip our DNA.    The strands of our DNA actually come apart, unravel from each other, when exposed to this radiation.      Damaged, destroyed cells in our body.

And certainly we don’t have to think right now about the rising incidence of cancer among the technicians – and anyone else who is repeatedly exposed to this kind of radiation.

And if you choose to avoid this exposure, you are exposed to “gloves,”  but there’s no way to check how often those gloves that touch bodies are changed.

We really have no right to protect our body or our privacy or our modesty if we want to travel.   Someone has taken our power away, and I don’t hear any protests.  

We don’t want trouble and we know we are being watched in case we begin to rise up.  Constant news articles tell us that the cameras are equipped with software that reads our body language and facial expressions, our gestures, and can interpret what we’re about to do.  

There are many stories and  videos about families submitting unwillingly, unhappily.   But as I watch videos of these “travel events”  and read stories of what people have gone through,    I see only one type of human being who protests –  

They cry.  They scream.  They push naughty hands away from their bodies.   They kick.  They call out for help.   “They cause trouble in the line.”  

They know all about bad touching and good touching…and there’s nothing more to say.



June 12, 2012

 (It’s years of “random thoughts” in the Spruce Tunnel;  it’s my need to write this;   it’s not your need to read this. )

As I began to write this post, I realized that the difficulty that I’m having is not because “I don’t want to disturb”  my nice readers, as I had said.   It’s because I want to cry out to fathers, brothers,  sons, and husbands – for help.   I want to cry out to Men!    I want Men to take up arms and stop this and protect us.   

And I don’t know where they are.

And I don’t know why the women, the wives and daughters and mothers, aren’t taking action in their place.   

I’m not the only one horrified, but  we are not together and we’re not calling out;  we are being conquered one by one, alone.   We are acting as though we are defeated, the defeated ones, the servants. . . .

So I want to take this slowly, because I won’t write about it again, because I’m feeling despair – that hopeless feeling that no effort will bear fruit.   And I won’t write about it again because I don’t know what to do with my anger.

The Background

We know that servitude ( or “sla ver y”) has existed throughout human history in every century, in nearly every continent, as far as we know.   It’s existence has nothing to do with race or ethnicity, in actual experience.

We humans become slaves in three (common) ways.    The one that concerns me here  is when one group of people conquers another group in warfare or  by smaller raiding parties  – or by other, slower, means;   political stealth.   

Power Over”  another human being

This is a complex subject with much to learn, much to know, but what concerns me most today is just one aspect of servitude.    One person “owns” another.  One person has complete control over the fate of another.  

Conquered slaves were paraded, nude, in victory processions in Ancient Greece and Rome. 

The Masters have complete rights over the whole person of the slave, not only all his service and all his activities and relationships, but even over the slave’s body.    From ancient times, the Masters display Power Over the slave by violating his natural sense of privacy and modesty.   The Owner can display in the public market the nude body of his slave.  

It is the ultimate violation of a person, and submitting to such requirements is proof of one’s acknowledgment of servitude to whomever has Power Over him.

Are we outraged at this treatment of our fellow human beings?

In fact, forced public nudity is a hallmark of the Master-Slave relationship.     Requiring someone to allow strangers to view their body in a public place confirms the relationship.    Requiring someone to allow his own body to be touched and rubbed by strangers while standing in a public place enforces learned docility in the servant.

. . . . .enforces the docility by Rule of Law.

Just to show you we can”

I’m moving forward in time, now.     And now we know our Rulers . . . . .

. . . .can hire technicians to do their bidding.  

 We know these pictures are downloaded, saved, traded, and sold – we know this because they have been caught and reprimanded.     

We know the technicians laugh and mock the defeated ones who file through, because some of the technicians have been reprimanded for this too.  

“You may travel – with our permission – if you show your submission. ”

So. . . .

It’s not everywhere, it’s not every technician, that’s the politically correct thing to say, right?    But it happens.  I don’t use public transportation anymore.   My father would be shamed if his daughter submitted – and thanks to God,  so was Hubbie embarrassed when we talked about this.

There is some resistance.     I’ll show you where, next post.


June 12, 2012

Remember this guy?

He’s Particle Man, or at least one version of him.   Hard to say what he looks like because They Might Be Giants describes him as a “dot’ — sort of.   I’ve been humming his tune a lot lately.    More about him later.

We had a power outage last night.  I was in the middle of writing, here, a rather grim follow-up to the last posting, wondering if anyone had checked up on the links to Fukushima on the right-hand sidebar.     I wondered if anyone had noticed the phrases that were being used by  the scientists and officials  in yesterday’s news:  “Truly frightening.”   “Terrifying.”    “Radioactive snow working its way through the water column.”    “Extreme instability.”    “Species extinction.”   “Violent fluctuations of hydrogen readings.”   “Radioactive spray travels far inland”  — in California.

It’s probably just as well that  particular posting never got finished, because it was getting grim.   I have really nice friends and they live pretty nice lives and I really don’t want to disturb them with serious information. . . .

Last night’s power outage came after everything “important”  had been done.  Son was visiting.  We had talked and had dinner and watched a movie and were about getting ready to say good-bye, so the outage didn’t disturb our evening together.    Son has a very good mind;  there were no “outages” there.

After he left, I thought about our various topics of conversation and  realized how hard it is to find the necessary information to know what’s really happening.  It’s almost like we’re walking around in a Blue Haze of superficial  and disconnected information.     It’s almost like there are outages in our serious information stream.          It’s so hard to know who’s doing what to whom, and if we don’t know that, then we’re probably the “whom” to what’s being done to.     

And Particle Man goes on humming in the background.  If Particle Man has an outage, he goes away;   far, far away.    If we have “outages”  in the free flow of necessary  information,  then….what?

Oh, the information is out there, but we have to really dig for it.   We won’t find it on television or short radio segments, but we can Search and pursue an issue and check out all sides.  We can read what eyewitnesses and participants say.  We can compare what our Rulers tells us about the issue.   There’s meaning in there somewhere;  something we can … do.   Or maybe not.

Particle man, particle man

Doing the things a particle can

What’s he like? It’s not important

Particle man


Is he a dot, or is he a speck?

When he’s underwater does he get wet?

Or does the water get him instead?

Nobody knows, Particle man

Finger-snapping funny, fun songs, with lyrics that don’t seem to make sense at first, but as the words go floating through our minds we have the vague Blue-Haze type of feeling that they must convey some significance, like finding meaning out of absurdity, patterns out of random images.

Or maybe not.      Maybe the words are just fun and random and they mean nothing.   Maybe that’s the point of it all, and the fun.

Maybe all the particles of thoughts floating around in our minds add up to nothing, and our little outages of serious information shouldn’t bother us at all.    Life is good.

Or maybe not that either…..As I said,  if we don’t know what’s “being done,”  then we’re probably the “whom” to what’s being done to.     

So….next post…..the information will disturb some of my dear friends…and I’ll ask them not to read it….. and the rest of you can decide about “information outages,”   and about “Illusions,”   because I don’t know what it means, yet.



June 9, 2012

Been busy these last three days. . . .

Busy with classes, busy with gardening.     The right amount of free time, the right weather, the right timing, it all came together – finally! –  this week.     It’s so late to do gardening now that I had lots of weeds to get rid of.

Seems like I’m  the only one who has to do my weeding with a shovel.

I got a chance to use my favorite garden tool too.   When Son gave me this for my birthday, I thought it was the best thing I  had ever seen.  I think I remember comparing it to a Viking weapon!

This thing plus shovel and hoe and rake and broom  (yes, I cleaned up some of the dirt with a broom – don’t ask) —  I was kicking up a lot of dust and pollen.  I don’t usually have “allergies,”  but my voice is hoarse, now, and I’m coughing a little, and the inside of my chest feels “itchy.”

So many microscopic little things out there.  How strange that we can only see a small part of what’s “there.”     I like what I’m doing, though, because I will be able to see the difference my work makes.   Here is tomorrow’s work, waiting for me:

It all seems so normal.    Normal life, like maybe my own Mom could have had a few decades ago.   Normal life, like we all had until recently.

Now we have only Illusions of normalcy.    As my work ended one day, I took one last picture of the evening.     I like this time of the day, when the sun goes down, things are seen through a dark-azure lens, the birds sing soft night songs, and the earth seems to quiet down….

But here is my last photo of the day –

The weatherman said we had “cloudless skies” today.    He was right about “cloudless”  but the skies weren’t clear blue, as normal.  They were milky, blotchy whitish-blue.     The jets or drones were still busy spraying out the chemtrails onto us, raining down the usual barium, aluminum, and other invisible substances that are toxic to life.    It just reminded me that things aren’t really “normal” anymore.

I like the work I was doing today.  Flowers make things look pretty.

But I’m not sure what to do with my vegetable plants.   Tomatoes, beans, peas, peppers, and lettuce.   Lettuce.   I don’t know if I should plant them, outdoors,   under these skies.    I know we’re not supposed to eat “broad-leafed” salad-type vegetables.   Late last summer Germany was warning its pregnant women to not eat salads because the radiation measured too high.  It’s much worse now.

You are reading the Websites on the right-hand column, under “FUKUSHIMA,” right?    At the very least, enenews will keep you informed.      The water that our tuna and seaweed live in, the grass that our dairy cattle feed on, the farmland that our berries and vegetables grow on — all full of ra – dio – ac –  tive  part* icles.      And the winds and our rainwater brings it down on our heads.

They used to say it was “twice normal,”  or “ten times normal,”  or a hundred times normal.   But now, whether you use becquerels or curies or sieverts or milisieverts or “counts-per-minute,  they are measuring in terms of 10,000 times,  100,000 times,  millions of times normal.    Unprecedented and unimaginable.   Without a way to stop it.

And that’s why I wanted to plant my garden, flowers and vegetables, just to have the Illusion of Normal.   Because I can’t see anything different;  and no one is talking about it, anyway.

Every day; no heat, no light, just invisible –  spewing out over North America and beyond…..

JUNE 6, 1944

June 6, 2012

“D-Day, the Sixth of June.”     The day of the launching of the Normandy Invasion, eventually won by the Allied forces, eventually leading to the winning of the war in Europe,  a war that defeated a totalitarian empire, for a while.

If you were a young man learning your mission for that day, you may have seen the overall plan that looks like this.    A 45-mile stretch of beach on the coast of Normandy  (northern France).    Your assignment may be one of those colored arrows, and the name of your landing point might have been:  Utah, Omaha, Gold,  Sword, or Juno.

160,000 troops.   5,000 ships,  13,000 aircraft.    It was an all-out, last-ditch effort to try to turn the tides of war.      It was not a sure thing;  it was dismayingly difficult.

On the day of the invasion, you might have seen this, knowing that you were floating into heavy enemy fire, knowing that many comrades ahead of you never made it to shore:

This is truly one of those heroic historic times we must remember, lest we hold our freedom too cheap.

My own father on this day in 1944 was not at Normandy.   He was probably at home continuing his relentless pleading with his mother to sign the papers that would allow him to enter the Marine Corps – at a younger age than normal.

Six months after D-Day, my father was married.   Seven months after D-Day he was a Marine, ready to fight for his country.     He had just turned 18.



June 6, 2012

Last time I used grand, sweeping statements to deal with a pattern of history in the last few centuries.   But it’s also important to see how this relates to us, as individuals, today.   And examples of the increasing success of the Revolution abound!      Here is one news item:

Since I won’t violate any copyright laws, I’ll try to “tell” you what the article said:     In a town in Colorado,  there was a bank robbery.     Somebody tipped off the police that the robber was in a car heading toward a certain intersection, but no description of the driver.

The police then barricaded the intersection, enclosing 19 cars inside the barricade.    The police then went from one car to another and “removed” the drivers and passengers HANDCUFFING THE ADULTS.     The  article says “most” of the adults were handcuffed.

Then, after an “explanation”  their cars were searched. . . .

Ordinary American citizens, who thought it was inevitable that police could violate our Constitution and there is nothing they could do about it.

The Revolution (Liberals, Leftists, Progressives, whatever…)  would ask, “What!   You’d prefer that a dangerous bank robber gets away?!”     Our Founding Fathers wrestled with that conundrum.   They came up with a very different answer that amazed the rest of the world for the guarantee of freedom that it gave us.

“Things” will progress from this incident;  it’s inevitable.   I do hope the people involved are not under any illusions.



June 6, 2012

The thought that something is “inevitable”  puts a halt to analysis and good judgment.     It suspends action and takes away the energy needed to fight against evil.     The”conundrum”  that the movie I wrote about in the last posting presented to me is formed by this erroneous sense of the inevitable.     What choice is reasonable to make in the face of the inevitable world socialist revolution?

The Cristeros in Mexico apparently did n’t  think the repressive laws of their totalitarian socialist government were inevitable.  In fact, in took them less than four years to successfully push back.   Their generation was successful — but I don’t know whether succeeding generations took up the fight.

The philosophy that underpins the World Revolution developed with Purpose in the 17th century.    It led to Revolutions on both sides of the Atlantic and on into the 19th century and the 20th century.  In the 20th century alone more than 100,000,000 people lost their lives at the hands of their own (Revolutionary)  governments and in the spread of socialist empires.

Was the success of the Revolution in our times inevitable?   Did the Austrians and the Poles and the French…think that National Socialism was inevitable?   Did the Armenians and the Ukraines think that Marxist Socialism was inevitable?      There were those who fought against their socialist compatriots, but many didn’t.     And not enough rose up to defeat the Revolution.

The sad words of Solzhenitsyn and friends in the labor camps saying “If only we had known where the socialist revolution was leading…..”    — perhaps, a Marxist victory wouldn’t have been inevitable.

The worldwide march of the Revolution seems inevitable, by whatever name it uses:  from The “Enlightenment”   all the way down to our times:    The Right, The Left, the Marxists,  the Bolsheviks, the People’s Republic, the People’s Democracy, Progressivism, Liberalism…..

The enemy of the Revolution is  Western Civilization.    The enemy of the Rulers are the citizens of any sovereign nation.     “Citizens”   must be legitimized with papers and obedience;  they must be surveilled and searched, Tased, arrested,  regulated, and kept compliant and numbed, confused, and dispirited.

Citizens must realize that the Revolution is inevitable.

It keeps me wondering.    It presents some conundrums.


June 4, 2012

I wrote yesterday that I saw a movie that hit me like a sledgehammer in the chest.    The title is For Greater Glory, and it’s about these guys –

Men, women, and children – families – and their story began the year my father was born, so this is practically contemporary.   And it is contemporary because their situation is the situation we face today, their issues are our familiar issues, and the decisions they had to make are the decisions we will have to make in the near future.   As a matter of fact,  the after-movie comments I heard most often is “We’d better decide right now what we’re going to do. . . .”

This is a movie about the Cristeros in Mexico and their (successful) battle against their own government.  They were ordinary people of all social classes, but their government was bad and it was passing some very bad laws.  When a law was passed to limit, and then take away, religious freedom,  everyone had to make a choice.

They (we) could do nothing, live restricted, though peaceable, lives and wait it out.   Politics always changes things eventually.

They (we) could protest and demonstrate and write letters and call for the repeal of the unjust laws.

They (we) could engage in civil disobedience and boycotts, until the government “felt” obliged to do something.

Before I get to the last choice,  various decent, ordinary, God-fearing families did all three of the above.   Their government was offended and responded with stern measures and more severe penalties for those who showed ingratitude towards the government’s former “restraint.”

Restraint no more –  the government is in charge.    It was illegal to “go to church.”   Illegal to show religious articles in public.     Priests and nuns were expelled or imprisoned, tortured and executed.     Now good people could either deny their faith or they (we) could take up arms and fight the government.

And this is the story of the Cristeros war against their government.   I knew it would be hard to decide to join them.  I knew the fight would mean seeing wounded men, dead men,  burned out homes and villages….sorrow, fear,  pain, and death…. and I knew how hard it would be to waver a little, and try to go back to peaceful ways, and then to have to decide to continue….

The movie was in living color, but it was not  slick and highly polished entertainment from Hollywood.   It was hard and realistic and full of astonishing heroism…and the martyrdom of children…and I know, from history that not half of the horror was told….but I began to become increasingly uncomfortable, not so much from what was on the screen but from when I thought about  my friends and neighbors and fellow citizens….

And the sledgehammer hit me as I thought how unready we are to make these kinds of choices, to take a stand, to fight and die for what is right and I don’t want to have this choice and I don’t want my friends to have to make this choice,  because the consequences of choosing anything are very serious…

The Cristeros fought for about three years — and they won.  Their government backed down and repealed some of the worst laws, and all was well for a while, but I know that ten years later, in a country in Europe,  most of the people did not choose to fight, and another dictatorship arose, with a stronger, fiercer government…

And I thought about a recent photo of my beautiful hometown city, a few decades later, in 2012  —

And I know that this time, the government is “ready”   with…their gear, and I wonder, “when do we take a stand”?


June 3, 2012

Can’t be photos today, because the subject is the Holy Trinity, that which is All-in-All;  that which names Itself: “I AM.”    

I need to walk and write in The Spruce Tunnel today, because I saw a movie a few hours ago which put a sledge hammer in my chest, and though it’s not “pounding ” right now, it’s still there, heavy and menacing, inhuman.    But before I write of the “sledge hammer,”  and because of it,   I pay homage to the wisdom of the Church which commands us (reminds us) to think upon and learn more deeply the meaning of our God, Three-in-One.

There  are some things we can know, and we  can know by means of revelation,  by our faith, and by the understanding which follows our act of faith, that behind all the changing shadows of the world there lies infinite power, infinite knowledge, and infinite love.

That is the basis for Christian hope and Christian joy.

 God the Father holds the knowledge of all of us in His “Mind,”  and wills to bring us into existence by the power of His Word, which is His Son;   and we are  sanctified by God the Holy Spirit.   In a word,  we existed first in God’s knowledge long before time existed;  we were created in time so that we may know Him and love Him;  and then the Holy Spirit works in us to help us share the eternal Life of God.

One, two, three:  our three-fold relationship to God.   Always three-fold because He is the Unchanging Three-in-One.    

Truly “we are in Him” and “He is in us.”

The basis for our Christian hope and joy is that He has given us power to become sons of God, and this same relationship will last forever.       Even when we have to confront the rising and falling fortunes of peace or war, prosperity or hardship,   ease or effort,   and today’s issues of freedom or totalitarianism, through all this our three-fold relationship endures within our  mysterious and eternal Triune God.

We are on solid ground with the Christian God.