SAMSUNG The snowstorm made the birds unhappy today.   That puffy white thing is suppposed to be their bird feeder.   But I  just love big snowfalls!   In my world I can admire the snow while sitting in front of a warm fireplace,  with a good book in my lap, low lamp on in the dim winter afternoon light.


But that wasn’t Hubbie’s world after a snowstorm.   He saw work to do.

Snow driveway

Hubbie used a giant snow scoop.  He loved it and said it did a better, faster job than anything else.  It’s about 30 inches wide and can scoop up an enormous amount of snow in one swipe across the driveway.   I could take a swipe,  but then it was too heavy for me to do anything with the snow in the scoop.   Can’t fling it!

snow scoop

About eight years ago, as we were noticing that Hubbie’s strength was faltering,  I bought him an electric shovel.  In spite of my Luddite tendencies,  it sounded like a great idea.   Hubbie never took to it.  It’s been in its box for several years, way in the back of the garage ,  where the spiders are.

So today, as I began shoveling our latest snowfall,  I thought of that “power shovel.”  I was curious to see whether I could actually learn to use it, get it to work. Nevertheless,  I shoveled enough behind the car to be able to back the car out of the garage,  and then with rake, digging shovel, and broom,  I pried the big box out of its back corner, carefully dragged and dumped the contents into the snow,  and kicked the box away – way, way away….

Snow Box

(It had spider webs in it.)

I buried the power shovel with snow,  then took a broom and swept off all the snow and hopefully all the other things sticking to it.  The box said “Simple to operate!  Just plug it in!”    Found an extension cord, plugged it in….


I replugged it in because the shape of the hole where the cord prongs go into seemed smaller than the prongs on the end of the cord.   I know there are different gages for electric trains….just hoped not here.

Then I replugged the cord into our outdoor house socket, because that had seemed loose the first time I did it.

Then I worked on the two bright orange button things on the power shovel itself.  One button for the thumb,  one grip-shaped button area for the fingers.   I tried every combination of order,  and just as I was putting it down to walk away, the thing came to life….but I nearly dropped it and it stopped.   So that was a clue.


With a little practice I got the right combination of which set of buttons you squeeze down on first.  It was kind of fun.   It shoots the snow away about thirty feet, but then, of course, you have to watch the wind direction.   I didn’t, and my cell phone had to spend some time on the heat vent indoors.

Snow mailbox

I power-shoveled a path to the mailboxes, but there’s no snowplow,  so no one was actually going to be coming for a while.

Nice to see the driveway cleared off.   But the thought struck me that by the time I got the new shovel cleaned off and figured out,  I could have had the whole driveway shoveled – the old-fashioned way.

Snow Shovel 300r

But it was a little bit fun entering Hubbie’s world of “new inventions.”

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