Phooey.   I want to talk about making more ice cream here at home.  I want to talk about the new video of Cooper skiing down the long slopes at Squaw Valley, all by himself –  at 27 months old.   I want to talk about the great new snowstorm we’re having today and tomorrow.   My new birdfeeder with the suction cups.  My new bookshelves. . .

But it will all be meaningless, if we don’t once in a while pay attention —

So, it’s Tuesday again.   My day for a hats off to the “victors”  of 11-6-12.    Very slick!   But I have a question:


And then:


Here is the Edelweiss:   “…small and white,  clean and bright….”        We learned that it was the national flower of those who call Austria their Homeland.


How can things be changing?


I was a public schoolteacher when these changes were imposed.


Here are the actual pictures that were used:

G grandma

And this little guy:

G boy

How about a Mom?

G mom cr

Gentlemen,  this is called “desensitizing”  —

G preg

This is inhuman,  dehumanizing,  and evil, to use these images for “practice.”

There is one more question we should be asking:



However, as we all know:


“Eidelweiss,  eidelweiss,   every morning you greet me

Small and white,  clean and bright,  You look happy to greet me.

Blossom of snow, may you bloom and grow,  bloom and grow forever.

Eidelweiss, eidelweiss,   bless my homeland forever.


I’ve never played that song on my piano without getting tears in my eyes.  I don’t exactly know why.




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