The pond in my back yard makes us feel like “winners” sometimes in the winter.    My neighbor works hard to groom it for the perfect ice skating rink.   I often enjoy the sounds of thunks and plinks and steel scraping on ice and assorted human sounds  coming from the hockey games out there.

Theyre really serious about getting the perfect surface.  I look up from my desk and see them working hard.   With a tractor.  On the ice.   Whatever it takes!


I noticed the pond tractor was collecting a little audience.


The surface froze nicely, and everyone enjoyed a little ice skating for a day or two.

And then the weather changed:


A couple inches of snow on a warm day and the surface got all pock-marked with little craters as the wet, heavy snow fell off the tree branches.   Even when that surface freezes over again, it won’t be good for skating.    The Winter won this round.

So back to work this evening:

Tractor at night

Can’t hardly see that red tractor by the blue flashlight  but it slooshed around out there for a couple hours in about two inches of black water covering the slushy ice.      This time every thunk and crack and boom sounded dangerous,   but the tractor is gone now.  I think it drove off okay.

And the weatherman promises freezing cold weather for a while, and we can feel like winners again.

You win some, you lose some.   And find fun in  it all.


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