lightning    “For as the lightning flashes in the east and shines to the west, so it will be when the Son of Man comes.”   (Matthew 23:27)

And when the Son of Man comes,  time will be no more.  Finis.  This Age of the Earth will be no more.    All your chances,  your do-overs,  your  postponements will be gone.  You can’t say “On second thought”  because there is no more time to think again  – and maybe do better next time, because there is no more “next time.”

I’ve been thinking about this verse from the Gospel of Matthew constantly this week.  It was supposed to be a normal week.   A normal hard-working week with deadlines and duties and hopefully a little progress made in the things I”m responsible for –  material, social, and spiritual things.

I got up one morning, ready to start all these responsibilities at my computer:


Yep.  Just like lightning –  your world can be greatly altered in a flash.

All those words on that Blue Screen can be summarized in one warning:   Don’t Touch Anything!

Not at my level of understanding, anyway.   I contacted my trusted computer doctor and gave it all over to him because he does have the appropriate level of understanding.   I lived in slow motion, then, waiting for the diagnosis.

Three days of partial diagnoses, wondering just how much of my life had come to an end.  All right, I’m good at learning lessons, and there really is only one lesson we all have to learn:    What is this life all about?

We’ve got time, now,  to figure it out, to work for it,  to grow, to learn;   but one day there will be no more time, and all of a sudden, we will present our answers to the Son of Man — who has just come to us.

In a flash. . . .

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