This might be a humorous posting.   (But you never know what impact your words are going to have!)

I got a call from a good friend who watches over me from time to time.  She had read yesterday’s posting and called to inquire how I’m doing with “God’s littlest creation.”   She asks me,  “You’re  not having a problem with fleas, are you?”


virus It was God’s even littler creations….like microscopic.    I just didn’t want to come right out and say I was sick.    I’m better now.    And I’m NOT even itchy!

About ten years ago my uncle was still alive, and he would occasionally send me  Forwardings that he thought were interesting.   Sometimes I would email back and say,  “Wow, that was really good.   I’ll email that to (Hubbie).”    I’d never get a reply, but after a while he’d send me another Forwarding.

One time when we were on the phone together, he asked me very cautiously,  “Are you two still together?”  and very gently,  “Are you divorced?”

computer talk

No!    But because I mentioned that I was going to email the interesting message over to Hubbie’s computer — which was sitting right in the next room! —  it sounded to my uncle as though we were living in separate houses!

A long time ago when I was very young schoolteacher,  I set my six-year-olds to some task, and since they were quiet and busy,  I began to do a little work at my own desk, with pencil, paper, and ruler.   After a few minutes I got up to walk around the room, just to check to see if they were doing okay.    The class was very, very quiet.

teacherFinally one little girl raised her hand, and when I walked over to her desk, she bravely asked me, “Mrs. R., why do you have that ruler in your hand?”

Well.    With a little understated humor,  I looked at her seriously,  and quietly said,  “…You know….”

I had such a good, well-behaved class for days afterwards!     Many years ago, in schools,  kids didn’t take a chance with only a hint of humor like that!     Did they really think…..?

Well, I’ve been wanting to share some Random Thoughts from the Spruce Tunnel concerning the current papal conclave.    I wanted to be careful with my words — but I’ve been mighty distracted with a series of occurrences which, though serious,  taken together and added up are beginning to seem downright ridiculous.     So,  don’t get me wrong.  I like a little fun once in a while.   I’m smiling.

It started a couple months ago, before the pope announced his abdication.   He was at the window of St. Peter’s square, making a gesture of Peace to the world, but letting go a beautiful white dove.    And then reality struck –  nature took its course.

dove attacked

From out of nowhere,  a seagull flew in and nearly hit the pope, and then turned and attacked the dove – presumably bringing it down somewhere out of camera range.   Hard not to make a comment about that!

Then as you all know,  the pope made his announcement on February 11th — and lightning struck St. Peter’s basilica –  twice that day.    Pretty dramatic photographs.   Hard not to comment.

A few days later,  Italy was struck by a somewhat minor earthquake,  though big enough to be felt slightly in Rome.


A couple weeks later,  Mt. Etna finally erupted, spectacularly,  and although that is way south in Sicily, it was seen in the night sky all the way up to Rome.

So nature speaks.   Mother Earth speaks.   How about signs in the sky?

Comet   C/2011  Pan-STARRS   became visible in the evening sky this week.     In a few months,  a second comet will become visible, and perhaps very, very bright in the later summer sky.    Comet:  portents of things to come.    Two of them in one year.

Again, within this time frame of the pope’s announcement,  the small asteroid blew up over Russia, injuring over a thousand people, destroying a few buildings and cars – and putting out communications technology for a while.    Fireballs continue to be seen all over the world.    An asteroid,  DA-17,   had a very near earth flyby;   more near asteroids have been noted, and this past weekend,  four  –  four! – near earth asteroids whizzed by.

No need to listen to prophets and mystics!     No need to hear my comments!    Nature herself seems to speaking –  I just hope with a hint of humor!

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