The children of The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe met the Beautiful White Witch and came to understand that she had the whole of Narnia under her spell.   The result was a beautiful, bluish-white frozen world, cold and inhuman, of course,  nearly motionless, but oh, so soft and still.


That was my backyard a few days ago —  and perhaps tomorrow if the worst of the weather forecast comes true.

The scene captivated me…..it seemed soothing and tranquil.

SAMSUNGThe scene to the left shows my garden area, now all quiet, producing nothing, I guess,  but peaceful and at rest.   After two very busy and nerve-grating weeks,   I needed this.     I needed to stare at this “winter tableau”  until I felt all quieted down inside.   Frozen.  Stopped.     Stopped for a while, to let myself catch up.

SAMSUNGSo I’m about four days behind in blogging.   Four days behind in lots of things.     I just needed to take a breath first and let things settle down.    I stayed out on my deck for a long time that morning, letting the cool frosty air flow all around me in a gentle breeze, and in and out of me as I breathed in the crispness.

I would have liked to have stayed motionless there, all the rest of the day, staring at the winter scene as often as I wanted to.    So I set up my day’s work,  my laptop and my books and notebooks, at the kitchen table where I could glance out frequently and keep that quiet stillness sustained. . . .

But the birds were busy.

SAMSUNGI’m not sure they were being as fanciful as I was being.   I’m not sure they were “indulging themselves”  in a little snowy mental getaway.    They were being practical.   And noisy.    You’re going to have to eat.    (If The Lady would remember to put birdseed out on the railings.)    You’re going to have to be watchful.    You’re going to have to build nests.    You’re going to have to….fill those nests.

You’re going to have to get on with life.

I understand Narnia was released from the spell of that White Witch.

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