Rich, rich, too rich:


Cream cheese,   heavy cream,  mascarpone (a sweet and creamy Italian cheese),  sour cream, sugar, and a very rich vanilla.

Nothing sounded better for my next homemade batch of ice cream than:  Cheesecake Ice Cream!   And it turned out well.   The richest, creamiest ice cream I’ve ever had, and it actually tastes like cheesecake.

The first bite is delicious.   The second bite?  Mm-hmmm….rich again.    Third bite…eeeoooh……A fourth bite?     I think not.    I don’t eat rich foods and now I remember why.   I think it’s possible to be “too rich” after all.

Certainly, being rich has its downside, and when it comes to spiritual matters — if you understand that the spiritual world is the real world, the true world, the one that will last forever — riches in this material world can be a definite handicap.

Every time I thought about today being the Monday before the Last Passover, I thought about three things:  that fig tree, so abundant in leaves, but so lacking in fruit;  and then the moneychangers in the Temple,  so rich in coins, but so lacking in prayerfulness;  and then that cheesecake ice cream,  so full of cream of all kinds,  so lacking in  nutrition.

The only two important things here are the fig tree and the businessmen working their business within the Temple of God.

fig tree

The Lord Jesus was hungry on his way into the City.  The fig tree had had time enough to make fruit, but all it produced was an abundance of leaves.  It was its particular judgment that it had to die.

And the moneychangers in the Temple?

Jesus driving

They had found a way to meet the money problems of the many pilgrims, they made a tidy little profit on the currency exchange, and they were good at what they did.

Like the fig tree,  they had an abundance of things that do not matter.  For them the Temple was not a house of prayer, but a house of misplaced monetary profit.

And the Lord Jesus drove them away.

On this Monday before the Last Passover,  the Lord  looked around and saw into the truth of things, and then He eliminated the spiritually unfruitful.


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