Wow!     There are HUGE American  demonstrations in support of marriage these days!


I guess someone forgot to inform the mainstream radio and television people.

I was wondering about that, because I know in other countries there have been  huge outpourings of support for marriage.  Have you heard about them?    In France there have been two that I know of, each one calling out hundreds of thousands, including same sex couples who support traditional marriage.

So —  our country had a big demonstration too, in Washington D.C.

Whew.  Good.  I wouldn’t want the Good Lord to think we’re making up our own rules.    There are Four Things that will get his attention.  Know what they are?

Four Sins That Cry Out to the LORD For Vengeance:

1.   Murder of the innocent

2.  Cheating a man out of his just wages

3.  Oppressing the widows and orphans (and others who need our help)

4.  . . .The sin that we are being bullied into accepting in today’s society.    If a “majority” of people seem to want it in “scientific” polls,  then does that make a wrong a “right”?

Our  Rulers are using this great Fourth Sin to hammer our society apart.     Many thanks to the hundreds of thousands around the world who protest!



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