Nothing “happened” on 11-06-12,  nothing new;  it was just a setting of the cement;  a solidifying or an ossification of the direction our country was taken in, after the Takeover of a few decades ago.   I’m so sorry, my friends, in other nations.   We were not vigilant.

So:  Today’s Tuesday Tribute is to TOLERANCE!


I’ll write that again, with the blank filled in, multiple choice:

IF TOLERANCE IS TOLERANT FOR ONLY (liberal, socialist,progressive,  sodomite, criminal oligarchical…)  PREFERENCES,  THEN IS IT TRULY TOLERANCE?

Can you come into my home or into my group or into my private organization and dictate your preferences to me?

It appears to be that this is what the debate today  rests on.

We haven’t “lost our minds.”      We have lost our Vocabulary.    The Intolerant Ones who want to tear down Western Civilization and the values that made it possible have control over our national, public Vocabulary.

“He who controls the Vocabulary controls the debate.”

Can you explain your values?   Can you set forth a logical explanation as to why those values are important and effective?    Can you discuss why those values are helpful and healthy for all human beings?     Can you withstand the onslaught of Intolerant words and accusations – and not back down?

Who has control of the words you’re using?

How defeated are we after 11-06-12?


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