Lamb so littleWhat happened to that little Passover Lamb that was selected on Palm Sunday?

I am a day late for writing today’s post.   Apologies, but I had a big dentist appointment today – a tooth extraction…My teeth come out easily,  but I was inordinately stressed out about this appointment.   My anxiety must have been contagious because even the young dentist began to look nervous,  and when it was quickly and painlessly all over,  he was so obviously relieved that we all laughed.   (Or at least I tried….)

Nevertheless,  it’s not Tuesday anymore, but Tuesday’s deeds must be written.  It must be written because we have all done it,  we’ve all taken part in the events that happened on the Last Tuesday before Passover.

I celebrate with Christians who already know that Our Lord Jesus is Savior because He is the one and only Passover Lamb, to which all previous Passovers pointed.   And because He is Savior, the only Savior of the human race,  He is Lord.   He is worthy.

There’s a wonderful old hymn with this line:   “If He’s not Lord of everything,  He’s not Lord at all.”     Keep those words in mind when we look at what happens on these days before Passover.

The family’s lamb has been selected, as we marked on Palm Sunday.   ” Hosanna!  This is the Lamb we will have!”

lamb here is ours

The lamb stays with the family for a few days, taken into the heart of the family.  And then it is taken to the rabbis to be pronounced spotless, innocent of blemish or defect,  and suitable for sacrifice.

Rabbi inspecting

In every generation, we examine the things in our life, inspecting, judging, testing, deciding.  During this last week’s of Jesus’ life, He Himself was tested and judged like that, and no matter how tricky or clever or penetrating the questions were that were put to Jesus near the Temple,  they could not honestly find anything wrong about Him or His teachings.

Jesus in court

The message of Christianity is that Jesus is the one required Sacrifice of Peace between Creator and Creation;  that we are lacking and not He;  that He is good and perfect and full of love and are for us

Nitpick the evidence.  Inspect the teachings.   Test and try the spirit of the Lord.  But at some point, sooner better than later,  we must pass beyond the doubting and questioning of this Tuesday before the Last Passover.   A Christian makes Him Lord, once and for all, and rests in Him, because we find Him Lord of everything.

We have found the perfect Lamb of God.

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