Yesterday’s Easter post was just purely for me,  pure self-indulgent writing of something wonderful that I can’t hardly describe.   There is peace and order and decency and love in this world….if you seek it honestly, but also diligently, and it matters.  It so much matters to you, as an individual person!

Here is why:  I wrote a little while ago too about things changing “In a Flash.”    Woke up one morning to that Blue Screen of Death, and instantly my whole week was “ruined” as I waited for the computer to be fixed.


One evening recently I was working quietly at my table, when all of a sudden I heard a “BOOM!” from outside.   (I hoped it was from “outside.”)      I felt the boom up through the floor, through my feet,  so it seemed like a big something had just happened.   Maybe a big explosion.    I went to my windows, but nothing was lit up in the dark sky.

I enjoyed breathing in the fresh cold air for a while,  but noticed it wasn’t really “fresh.”   It had that slightly chemical smell that reminded me of ozone —  if you’ve ever lived near the prairie and smelled the air after a violent thunderstorm had ripped the air apart and left behind the  ozone,  giving you the sense that something big and dangerous had just occurred.SAMSUNG

After a few minutes I returned to my work, and then another boom, a series of booms, occurred.  I ran back to the window, and this time I smelled the “happy” and familiar smell of caps – like after you shoot off a good round with your cap gun!

I turned the police scanner on and heard a call for an ambulance – at a location less than a mile away.

Well, the mystery was solved about an hour later when the local news came on with “first reports.”    Now they have to be cautious, I understand, and not jump to any conclusions,  but here are their main words:    “explosion,”  “trailer,”  “one person missing,”      “ammunition,”   “gunpowder collection,”  “oxygen tank,”    and “smoking.”

Two older people,  were sitting  in their trailer, probably doing things they always do  —  “BOOM!”

SAMSUNGThe injured man is all right now.   The woman’s body was found in parts.   I don’t think she ever knew what hit her.

But in the blink of an eye,  she is in the next world.

In “the twinkling” of an eye,  in a flash,  our whole reality can be changed and our present circumstances over and done with.    You know how many uncertainties there are in this chaotic,  disorderly world.    And as I wrote to a  young man in a Comment section here,  mankind is evil and wicked and frequently do evil, wicked, uncaring things to each other.

Where is the love and peace and order?  Where are the things you can count on?    What is it that never changes?

Who is it that never changes for us?    The Way,  the Truth,  and the Life.      Presented to you by:   Easter!


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One Comment on “BOOM !”

  1. All I can comment is “Oh, my gosh …!” .
    Last week, a neighbor’s house burned to the foundation … The wife was lost …!

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