God gave His all today:  the Passion and Death of His Son,  the Approval and Reception of this Great Sacrifice, and the Glorious Resurrection of Our Savior, the Firstborn of us all….


In return, we offered our very best to God:  our highest praises, our joy,  the best  human worship that developed throughout the centuries.   I closed my eyes at one point and felt the smooth rhythm of the twelve altar servers, each with a part to play, a motion, a position, a bow, a position, all with purpose and coordination;   the priest at the altar with  slow movements of his own, gestures and postures, each with purposeful intent, and coordinated with his servers;  with my eyes closed I smelled the finest incense,  I heard the bells, I absorbed the Gregorian chant coming from behind me,  and I assisted and coordinated with my own postures and gestures and prayers. . . .

It was the beauty and order that I had been craving all during a Lenten season of….less.      Everything was done with   purity of intent, and the grace of God  moved through the structure of the liturgy and manifested itself, assisting us, in turn,  as we offered up ourselves to this God who loves us this much.

I have never seen so many glowing, happy faces.     It was a two-way communion of Love.

A very Happy Easter to you all.

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One Comment on “EASTER GIVING ALL”

  1. It is a day of thought, introspection, and thankfulness ….

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