I think I lost of few days here….

lava sun

Been fighting an internal heat wave….  Can’t keep it under 101 for very long….I have some ideas what this is,   but the ideas fly out of my head right away.      Son is a pharmacist….he’s got some ideas…..

There’s chicken soup here…garlic is hanging by the front door….rotting cabbage under the  bed….dea string tied around a deaad cat’s neck,  ready to swing in the mooonlight.   (Oh, no….that’s how you get rid of warts…)     If any of you know a saint who’s good for fevers,  please give him a ring on my behalf.

Miss being in the Spruce Tunnel…..


…….but I think I’ll flow off to bed now…..


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2 Comments on “FIGHTING THE HEAT”

  1. loisontheweb Says:

    Poor Cousin …..
    A fever is not a condition … A FEVER IS A SYMPTOM… I hope you find out what is wrong with you … It’s no fun being under the weather …..

  2. Right you are. Trying to sic my body on those symptoms….

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