Kind of a dumb title, I know,   but it says what I’m thinking:

SAMSUNGA big thank you to the Giver of these oranges…..

When Hubbie and I were first married and all our friends were newly  married and young –  oh, so young!  –  one of our friends developed Juvenile diabetes.  Being in her early twenties,  it still counted as “juvenile.”    Type I.     She was not able to eat what everyone else did at our beach parties and…well, other kinds of parties.   She told us that her doctor told her to consider all of her food to be “medicine”  –  she would be that immediately affected by whatever she ingested.

That made sense to us, and I’ve never forgotten it.   We are creatures of this planet, with material bodies which are made of “the dust of the earth.”   The substances.  The molecules.   It just makes sense that the things we need to keep our bodies healthy come from out of the earth too.

SAMSUNGIt took a lot of energy to juice these things,  but each sip delivered such obvious, needful, strengthening goodness.  The vitamins, minerals, and enzymes were all alive and availble….just the way our food should be.

Thanks be to God for giving us such delicious “medicine” !    And thanks to my friend and to Son for making them available to me!

Deo gratias.    I’m experiencing a bit of a resurrection….and my brain seems to be working again…..



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  1. loisontheweb Says:

    Praise God … I was so worried about you …
    And was wondering. If you had gotten my message about pneumonia … Which is something to worry about, because people think they are only very sick or have a bad cold, but die… Because pneumonia doesn’t go away by itself. A person must go to the doctor!
    Sounds like you’ve got a way to go yet? The oranges sound like a pleasant choice… Makes me want one!
    Cousin LOIS

  2. Yep, I did. Probably had bronchitis with a touch of pneumonia, the way it felt…feels. Still real tired, still don’t have a “clear” chest, but I’m on the upswing. What would a doctor do? Give me antibiotics, which I can’t take….I’m treating myself somewhat carefully….The cure is in God’s own hands. And your words strengthen me…..thanks.

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