“Are you feeling better now, Grandma?”

SAMSUNGI dare not not get better…there’s a little one out West who cares.

About a week and a half ago, I was feeling very, very tired and didn’t want to lift my head up for long, but the laptop was nearby…and Cooper Skyped in.    My muddled head somehow thought I could answer and say, “Hello, I don’t feel like talking….”   but that’s not the way it works when a little grandson calls.

Soon as they all realized I was sick,  Cooper ran to his little plastic toy piano and began banging the keys and singing out the ABC song,  loudly, clearly, and firmly.   When he was done he ran back closer to the camera and looked right in at me and asked, “Are you feeling better now, Grandma?”

No!  Now there were tears stinging my eyes and my heart was burning and my arms ached to hold him close to me!    Yes!   I was feeling better.

And then the flowers came.



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