Well,   this should be my last reference to “medicine” !    But this is universally true and for all time.    Think of it as “health maintenance”  more than mere “medicine.”


I’m just getting back to my “normal” life now, scarcely keeping up with a “normal” schedule, and nearly overwhelmed by getting caught up with the news.   But last night  was our monthly Book Club meeting  and it was best that I attend.

Our meeting was to be held at a very nice apartment complex, and there was, surprisingly,  a music recital for the residents just before our meeting was to begin.     We decided to postpone our own gathering to take advantage of this free concert.

We were treated to the “senior recital” program of this young lady from our local university’s music department.  She chose a varied program of Debussy, Chopin,  Liszt,  Ginastera, and Haydn.       I’d say she evidenced a good “feel” for all these composers,   especially Debussy, a difficult composer for me to listen to,  but she played him well, as though she understood him.

The beauty of the piano,  the beauty of some of the musical passages,   the grace and beauty of the pianist — all these spoke to a part of us in the audience that normally  is ignored.    It’s what’s missing in our lives –  it’s available to all of us,  but we starve ourselves, we deny our periodic doses of beauty.

But something in us was “fed” last night;  something was truly strengthened and refreshed.

I’m placing myself on a maintenance dose…of beauty.     Wherever I can find it.    It’s a matter of good all-around health.

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