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April 21, 2013

During the past weeks that I’ve been sick, I couldn’t eat very much….preparing food was a little above my energy level,  but occasionally I wished I had some of my good bread….mmmm.

So here’s a sign that I’m getting stronger:


Cinnamon swirl bread.  It might not win any prizes for appearance, but it sure does taste good!   It’s just as I had been picturing;  just the taste that I’d been longing for.


Bread means so much.   Bread:  the Staff of Life.    Symbol for physical and spiritual nourishment because we humans are both physical and spiritual.  A thoughtful person will see the need for both physical and spiritual things.

I thought about that bread as I sat in church this morning.    And it floated through my mind that as much as I had longed for my cinnamon swirl bread, so also do I – or I ought to –  desire the Bread of Life:   “This is my Body….”

“Grant, O Lord, that by these Mysteries it may be given us to subdue our worldly desires and learn to love the things of heaven….”    So said the priest today before the Mystery of Christ’s saving Sacrifice is offered up.

And so I pray, along with the Church, that I learn to love the things of Heaven more than the things of this earth;  that I learn to long for spiritual Bread even more than my good bread….ever more and more.

And I do.  I’m getting there.

Jesus offering  And I can feel the reality of the spiritual nourishment, and am still astonished by the Truth of it all.

His Body;   the Bread of Life;    Spiritual Food.