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April 24, 2013

I’m a Dx’er.    I’ve been DX’ing since I was eleven years old.      Part of it was because I grew up as an “only child”  so I had a lot of free “alone” time on my hands, but part of it is because I’m genuinely interested in the people in this world.    People – so far away!   People – so different from me that I would seem “foreign” to them!

radio shortwave

Every day after school, sometimes during homework, I would listen to my Dad’s shortwave radio,  finding my favorite stations,  finding new stations,  marking down the call  letters, the frequencies,  the countries, and any other information I could glean.

CQ?  CQ?

radio ham  My favorite was the ham radio operators.    They weren’t professionals;  they were ordinary people saying ordinary things about their world – usually far away from me! – and I couldn’t believe how many  good, normal, nice people there are out there.

I never kept good logbooks.  I really didn’t know that I should have, but every once in a while I come across a page which I had written on to “report”  my finds.  I still  have a few QSL cards.   What a thrill!

Today,  I still keep the habit, although my favorite radio doesn’t have a Single Sideband function, so I miss out on the hams.  Mostly I stick to shortwave and AM radio.     radio am

I go to bed every night with my head on a….radio!


Mine has buttons so I can switch rapidly from one station to the next, but I am too tired tonight to take pictures of all my radios.  (And antennas.)     These pictures are really quite close to the ones I have.

DX’ing – the joy of finding new and distant radio stations, joining the radio world,  being connected to people and to information.    And this is why I’m writing about my little hobby.    Even though I’ve been “down” for a month now with this fever-and-lung thing,  and I haven’t been commenting much on the important things that are going on in the world,  “when a DX’er is down,  there is still information pouring in” !

So for the next few posts I want to “join the world”  and put out some of the information that has drifted in.     Either the world has taken a turn for the worse, or, having been “gone” for a month,  I’ve forgotten how serious things are getting.

When you start paying attention……