When I look around the tables in my Bible study classes,  I realize I have absolutely no faith in their attendance.   I don’t “believe”  they will come to class;  I’m looking at them – they’ve actually come –  I don’t need faith that they will attend.

There is something in the nature of faith that makes it necessary for our souls.   It’s hard to explore the nature of faith in modern times, because we are so used to the word “blind!”  being shouted in our ears whenever we speak of faith.  “Blind faith” !!   “Unreasonable faith” !!     “Useless faith” !!

But we must have the strength to shout back and say,  “Faith!    We come to God by our faith.   ‘Without faith it is impossible to please Him.’   The way to the One Living God is by faith.”     Faith is good.  Faith is saving.

Faith is pure and strong and sweet and single-minded.  It is evidence of things not yet seen.     Perhaps you read the lyrics of the song in my last posting:  “My Sweetheart Went Down With the Ship.”    How truly tragic.


But did you notice that although she had lost her sweetheart and will see him no more on this earth,  her love was lasting and she confirmed her love by her faith.     It was her faith that  she will see him once again in Heaven that was strengthening and gave meaning to her continued existence.

Today, the Church gives us the gospel reading from John 16 in which Our Lord informs us that now is the time when He must leave all His disciples on Earth.   Leave them behind for a while.   He says, “Because I have spoken to you these things, sorrow has filled your heart.”

The sorrow is that we can no longer see Him with our eyes, but we now must see Him by our faith.   One day He’ll come for us,   but for now we can have Him only by faith.

Sometimes faith seems like tenuous golden threads that we hold in our hands, fragile, vulnerable,  connected to … what … we cannot actually see,  but we know – by faith – that God is on the other side of those golden threads.    There are things that we can do to strengthen our faith, but I’ve found that when we do nothing,  there are plenty of things in this life that make those golden threads dissolve.

What?  What can we do to strengthen  faith?    We need to know!    I need to know!


And perhaps that’s why I still enjoy playing that piano music,   published in MCMXII (1912),  because there are clues in there, from our great or our great-great grandparents’  times:    The young lady’s faith was nourished by her love for her sweetheart.

We have faith in the ones we love, and when we love greatly, our faith is strong.    When we Christians love Our Lord greatly,  we open ourselves to the gift of Faith.

And  faith is the fitting work for our everlasting souls.




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