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April 30, 2013

Son has brought over some intriguing vegetable seeds,  and I’ve been reading and collecting articles,  planning,   putting a lot of pressure on myself about a summer garden.

Soil hands

It began to feel like “pressure” because I guess I’m not quite up to it yet, haven’t quite recovered all my strength,  and also because I’m going to have to travel off and on in the early summer —  not a good time to be leave a baby garden all by itself.

I believe in growing my own food.    I believe in lots and lots of homegrown vegetables and berries and herbs.     I already have some garlic coming up because it had to be planted last Fall.    But I’m not good at gardening.    I gave Hubbie many merry moments as I brought to him my harvests — scant,  miniature, or non-existent.   He had great fun talking about my cherry tomato sized potatoes!     We had some odd-shaped green peppers too, but they tasted really good.

No.    This year I’m going to leave most of the gardening to the experts..       We have  good Farmers’ Markets around here and  plenty of Amish who don’t use chemicals to grow their food.     Dollar for dollar I’ll probably come out a little ahead, buying just a portion of the crop I’d need each week.     And garlic goes well with just about anything I can bring home from a Farmers’ Market!