There is a tug of war going on between Christians and Socialists.   (I don’t mean mere cultural christians and socialists.   Unthinking, undeveloped human minds can certainly be dangerous, but they are hard to hold a discussion with!)

My “May Day Push Back” posting earlier today is a tiny example of that tug of war.    Some are told that a pope in the mid twentieth century proclaimed May Day to be a day of “Joseph the Worker”  in order to assert a Christian influence on the idea of workers.    There is a written proclamation   but no real evidence as to who influenced or encouraged  the proclamation…who behind the scenes, as it were.

Perhaps this was all part of the tug of war, and we’ll never know who was influencing who.

I heard recently on a random radio program the statement that “all the important institutions of our country are being led by the Elite (Progressives)  at the top of each of these institutions,  government, politics, entertainment, education,  even religions.   The Elite are the ones who are in charge.  They call the shots.   It seemed to be the only explanation for why so many new laws and regulations, ruinous economic policies,  immoral practices  are being imposed on a nation that is generally good, freedom-loving, and family oriented.

I’ll be driving out West soon, seeing lots of these mountains:


Maybe that’s why my attention has been drawn lately to the phrase “The Seven Mountains of Culture.”    “Take back the mountains,”  I’m hearing.      I really didn’t know what that was all about until I did a little research.   Seems there are seven major cultural forces in a society, and they can be seen not only as the seven major categories of influence,  but seven major battlefields.   Who has control over these mountains can influence and mold the entire society.

Like a tug of war —  but a more serious battle.   And here are those Seven Battlefields – and they are apparently not in any particular order of importance:

1.Media Mountain

2.Government Mountain

3.Education Mountain

4. Business Mountain

5.Church Mountain

6.Arts and Entertainment Mountain

7.Family Mountain

I’m not sure if I would give them these same names or categories,   but  these are our battlefields, and from what I know of history,  these battles began long before I was born, long before my generation even knew we were in a serious battle.    As a matter of fact,  all these battles were presented to us in the most attractive terms: it’s  fun!   it’s modern!    it’s freedom!     it’s what everyone does!   it’s a better way!    etc., etc.    And before we knew what was happening,  our whole society was being torn down and rebuilt according to a whole different mold.

And it’s a serious and deadly matter if Americans  don’t take up the battle.

With great curiosity and openness,  my friend and I visited an interesting building today….that’s the subject of the next blog,  but here is a hint:

SAMSUNGI was stuck in traffic one day and just started to take pictures with my cell phone – for fun.   That building attracted my attention, and I planned right then and there to “grab a friend”  and visit it.       The building is located on the campus of our local Big Ten university …. ground zero for our cultural war.

And we did indeed observe a battle. . . .

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