Come.   Come join my friend and me on a trip to an art museum.    We’re mostly speechless.   Or wordless.

(I haven’t forgotten that it is Friday today.  This is the day that Christendom remembers our Crucified Lord.   As you have heard,  “Christ died for….”   mankind’s insanity.     And we found some….)

My friend and I decided to visit that new building that sprung up on campus, the one I showed you at the end of the last posting.      It was supposed to hold wonderful displays of  modern “art.”    So we drove to the university campus, parked our car,  and attempted to enter the building:

SAMSUNGYes.    That’s a building.

We searched for an entrance.

Pretty sure we were going to find a way in –

SAMSUNGSee?  Right there.   The door.

Once inside we were approached by nice smiling young people who were quite impressed with…the building.   They told us where to go, upstairs and downstairs….and don’t touch anything!    And there were only a few places where we could take pictures.

Inside,  there were large and largely empty rooms.    The walls were mostly empty too.    The ones that weren’t the tortured obverse of the outside walls:

SAMSUNGSee the pink?   That’s a portion of a piece of “art” work.

And from the second floor, looking down at it:

SAMSUNGPlastic tubes. . .

You know those beautifully woven Navajo rugs ,worked in V-shaped patterns in lovely earth colors?   Well…. pink plastic tubes.   And some gray ones “tastefully”  arranged….    …..    ….   They did float provocatively in the air….

Now, this was a fun one, a shiny, silver mobile, that seemed to pick up patterns from somewhere –

SAMSUNGSo I got down onto the floor and looked up into it –

SAMSUNGThe undersides of the pieces had the pictures….  That was kind of…..    Well, it wasn’t too much fun because we weren’t allowed to touch it.   To see if it would tinkle.   Or something.   Or just do….something else.

One, uh,  “largely empty”   room had maybe four, maybe five displays on its walls.    Seems like someone was into “patterns.”

SAMSUNGYou probably couldn’t afford to have this hanging on your walls.   There were three or four more to look at.

Use your imagination for this next “display.”    On a “largely empty”  blank wall, about 30 feet wide by fifty feet high (but not quite rectangular)  there was a very small grouping of four 6 inch by 8 inch pieces of paper.   On the first paper was a series of parallel, squiggly lines.  On the next paper was a series of parallel, squiggly lines, only squiggly in a slight different way.   …etc….     The name of this display of modern “art” ?    “Not straight lines.”    Probably couldn’t afford that little grouping either.

There were only two or three other displays, all with the intent to disrupt the senses and to violate the laws and logic that form civilized society.

Girls being girls, we needed a trip to the powder room.    We found the restroom.   Quite nicely done.     But we couldn’t help thinking of the word:    “trough.”

SAMSUNGWe wash hands and  share the same six-foot long trough.      All nicely done in aluminum, though.

When we were done and standing out in the hallway,   I looked up and saw my first real work of art!

SAMSUNGFrom every angle –


And from another angle –


Kind of a free-floating stairway to…back down again.


There were other displays.    The invisible-to-camera  ones.    But we did manage to find a room with large screens showing test patterns from the early attempts at video-making,  around 1933 to 1962.

And they made a “display”  of them –


They were lovely slowly moving images, changing colors, accompanied by what we used to call “space music.”    It was not hypnotic.    My Dad did this stuff on his oscilloscope at home.     We were ready to leave.

We found a bench.   At least we thought it was a bench.    It might have been a display of modern “art”  but we were tired enough to take a little rest.

SAMSUNGI took a picture of my friend –  turned out that was a nice “artistic”  composition, my friend and her shadow.

I walked on ahead to get the car,  enjoying the beautiful spring trees on the pathways that zigzag across campus:


I took many photos of the lovely buildings on campus, full of grace and proportion, blending colors and size. . .


That’s the parking ramp where I was headed, the gray building in the middle.  Rather a nice-looking parking ramp.   Everywhere I looked there were beautiful signs of Spring and beautiful buildings amidst the greenery and the flowers.

Artwork, all around me.



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