The Spruce Tunnel had some “tunnel” fun today.  I was invited to a cross-country Cinco de Mayo party this evening….    I didn’t even know there was one going on, but it happened this way:     Cooper and his family were having a little  Cinco de Mayo party today, complete with  friends and tacos, a pinata,  and ponchos!

And then:    Cooper, 2 1/2 years old, and his  little friends broke away and found Daddy’s I-pod.   And he knows how to use it!    He found a picture of “Grandma” – that would be me –  and he and his little friends used the picture to dial me up on Skype.     And so we all played and laughed together.

SAMSUNGWell —  it was a “blurry day.”      Lots of excitement and giggling – and playing with a big red ball.   That’s Cooper in the blue and white striped poncho.

And then they played with their tunnel, and I asked if I could go inside too.    (It was all blurry and colorful inside.)

So there it is:


The little kids fit, and I fit too, because, see,  I’m a little picture on a little phone held by little hands.   I go anywhere they take me.

What fun!

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  1. loisontheweb Says:

    Aren’t these new gadgets so WONDERFUL!
    My daughter gave me her old IPad … Learning how to use it.
    I “accidentally” bought a smartphone … Learning how to use it.

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