Short one tonight…. Nice afterglow from Mother’s Day,  “the best one ever!” …   but still a little traumatized by what I saw coming from our Rulers …. on  Mother’s Day.    But Tuesdays are the days for writing about that.    Tomorrow.

Today is the 13th of the month.   There is a movie called The Thirteenth Day which I can highly recommend.  And because the world didn’t know what happened on that 13th day of May and five subsequent months,  and because of those who knew  not enough  did anything about it,   we have today the socialist dictatorships all around us, while the citizens of our nations sit in Silence, like the Lambs, and religion is confused.

So.    This really happened:


No controversy here.    It happened.   Six times in 1917.    Information was imparted, to the children,  but meant for all of us;  revelations were given to children that were far above their understanding or experience.

Why to children?   So that their understanding and experience couldn’t add to or embelish the information.      They felt compelled to tell exactly what they heard and saw,  but couldn’t tell us the meaning.    That was for mature Christians to handle.

Fatima thousands

I’m glad there were tens of thousands of witnesses, photographs in the newspapers,  and the confirmation of the Event at Fatima by many who were previously strongly opposed to the Church.

So far, all the things we learned at Fatima have come true or are still coming true.   There is meaning there, important things for us to know.

I just wanted to pay honor to Our Lady of Fatima today, and her concern for us.


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