Maybe not the most interesting topic tonight – my  camera ignored   and food –  but those are foremost in my mind right now, and  I’ll get a little serious in the last paragraph.

The class met at my house tonight.  Eight people here?    I think.   Since they’d be traveling at dinner time,  I told them we’d have a light sandwich supper.     I love any excuse to make Reubens, so that was the plan:  to eat and then on to our class discussion.    These are all great people – each unique and lovely in their own way — and kind of fun too.   Unique and gentle sense-of-humors.

I had good intentions!    I took a “before”  picture –

SAMSUNGBut then the “during” and “afters”  never happened.        I got too  busy.

As the people came, that empty counter top filled up with sandwiches and sandwich makings,(I couldn’t stop with “just”  Reubens),   fruits and salads, plates, napkins…..   It wasn’t neatly arranged,   but it was all pretty good.     Although I said “no one has to bring any food;  it’s just sandwiches,”   one of us brought  a great artichoke sandwich-filling, and although I didn’t plan to have a dessert, someone brought chocolate covered strawberries and bananas, so glad for that!!!   And we had a  very needed, refreshing, delicious jug of cucumber water, something I’ll want around all summer!

I had to juggle the Reuben makings:   corned beef, Swiss cheese,  Russian dressing,  sauerkraut, and rye bread.

Then the chicken sandwiches:   finely chopped chicken,  red grapes, celery, apples, pecans,  and “special dressing” on wheat bread.

Then grill the turkey flatbread sandwiches with avocado,  tomato, toasted sesame dressing…..

Ham and Swiss with the very special Henski’s mustard.

See?   A lot going on in my mind!      But nothing going on in my camera…..

I think everyone enjoyed the food.       It was a  do-it-yourself,  take-what-you-want kind of meal.    There were complaints.   Complaints about eating too much!     And for a while I thought I might not be able to get our class started after all.     We moved into the family room where the chairs are much more “comfortable.”

Now THAT scene would have made for interesting photos!!!!

Given the rather grim topic,   there was an unexpected amount of talking and laughing and joking…..     More than once I heard the question:  “What was in that food?”     “What was in that water?”


This is where I separate from my friends and pick up my lasso and attempt to keep them all firmly in the corral.      I had a lot of stray little dogies to lead back into the paths of discussion.

And a serious discussion it was —   it was supposed to be.    This is a Bible Study class.   The topic is the Apocalypse,  the book of Revelation.    Although we focused on the vocabulary of our readings tonight,   we finally came to the Bottom Line.     In the end there will be only two choices:    either Babylon or the Church.

In other words,  for each of us there will be the temporarily powerful but illusory Kingdom of this World or the Everlasting Kingdom of God, where we are meant to live on in Love.

Such a happy hint of that tonight.     Photos excluded.

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