The Month of May:  First came Mother’s Day.


Can you think of more perfect flowers than these?    Can you think of a more perfect Son that thinks to give these to his Mom?   (Well, I can’t, anyway.)    I doubt if he knows what flowers do for a woman,  but he gives anyway, on faith that I’ll “like”  them.   Oh, boy!


And then, in May, there are these sweet little purple violets, bravely spreading out over my lawn.  So beautiful.  So vulnerable!!  (to my lawnmower)    Soon I’ll have to mow right over them, and eventually they’ll stop blooming.

White Flowers

These beautiful white flowers cascaded down over my head one evening as I left “the crypt,”  (the deep dark catacomb-like basement place that we are assigned to when we worship God.  A little quirky idea from “on high.”)   I came up into the early evening stillness and smelled the fragrance of spring flowers.

The sweetness seemed to fill the air and come from everywhere.   Then I looked up.  Right above me were these gorgeous blossoms, bearing down on me with their bright beauty.   The camera didn’t do them justice.

A wonderful season “in the air.”   I don’t believe these colors are accidental.  Everything that was made leads us to the Creator that made them.  “So that we are without excuse….”   as Paul wrote in his letter to the people in Rome.

Today we can think of Red and White again!   Red all over the altar and on the vestments.    It’s the red of fire, because on this day of Pentecost we remember when the Holy Spirit (often imaged as a pure white holy dove)  came down to humans in the fire of His love, and appeared as little flames of something like fire over each of the disciples of Jesus who had been told to wait for “something”  — something that will bring down upon them power and strength and confirmation of their faith.

That’s a lot of Christian Truth in that last sentence!    I can’t add to it, but I’ll just say how I love to think of red flowers and white flowers,  because eventually, if I take the time,  they lead me to the purity of a Redeemed soul and the God’s love like a  flaming fire that won’t ever go out for us.

And the purple violets?   That’s how you’d get from the red fires of love to the white purity of the soul – if you understand what the Crucifixion is all about.

purple cross

It’s okay if you don’t understand all of this process.   I can’t either.  It’s the way our minds are now, in this life.  “Now we see through a glass…darkly,”  St.  Paul tells us.   We can only dimly see the Truth of it all.   Like Son and me on Mother’s day:

Mom and Son

Here we are:  Son and Mom on Mother’s Day!   We had forgotten to take pictures throughout this day and decided to memorialize our time together by taking a picture of us both together in the reflection of the glass door.       We’re…uh…”seeing through a glass, darkly.

But just as with Truth,   the actual reality will be much clearer and much more wonderful some day.

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