I wrote about fighting “dragons” in the last post.  I do hope you’ve been able  to recognize  your own dragons and, most especially,  the dragons of others.    We don’t talk about them much;  we shouldn’t;  but we should know them well so that we do good work in our lives and “fight the good fight.”

I’m escaping some “dragons” of my own, temporarily, because getting away,  regrouping,  revitalizing your efforts is important too.


So….just draw a line from somewhere in the northern midwest (also known here is “The Far North”)   and take it all the way to the High Sierras of California.    I’ve completed the first leg of my journey, but more about that later.

I left a time of great stress.   A few of  my friends said I was “burned out.”    I didn’t know, but it makes sense.   I was strained and snappy.     Lots of stress, tension, problems  and,  as it will sometimes,  the difficulty of everyday living came down like unstoppable rain — or like the pollen in the air.   Ha!

SAMSUNGI was sweeping my driveway one day, not too long ago, and usually I’m just sweeping up rocks and twigs and debris from my crumbling asphalt driveway.   But I couldn’t help noticing that line dividing where I had swept and where I hadn’t.    That thick yellowish dust is pollen!     The trees have been especially busy this year, enthusiastically spreading their pollen around, enough so that sometimes,  when the sun is low, the air looks foggy.

And we’re sneezing and coughing and itching and feeling very, very tired.    So many things coming at you at once like that can be overwhelming.     We’re only human.

Whether it’s troubles or pollen, we can be overstressed.

“One man’s beauty is another man’s debris.”

All that pollen made me think of trees and of how little I know about trees.  I seem to have a mental block about learning the names of trees.   I can go “oak,”  and “maple”  and…lilacs, if they’re blooming,   but beyond that I usually call them “big tree,”  “nice tree,”   or “weed tree.”     So I took out my little book of trees with pictures and diagrams,  little explanations — and names.

One kind of tree that is apparently abundant in my yard develops clever little “flowers” (so they’re designated scientifically) that form small strings of tiny blossoms 4 – 6 inches long.    There was an attractive little diagram to illustrate these strings of “flowers.”

Which then rain down on us –


And looking like great clumps of debris sometimes a foot in diameter.     And they have to be dealt with, otherwise they form heavy, damp clumps that stain and kill other vegetation.    Not a broom, but a rake, for scratching and gathering  –


So you know me. . .   there’s a lesson here:    Whether it’s pollen or “tree flowers”  or the many, many little problems of everyday living,  we’ve got to deal with them or they’ll “climp up” and overwhelm us.

So that’s why I’m out here in Iowa today – part way to California – far away from the debris of my life and maybe getting a little perspective on things.

It’s Sunday today.    I’ll let Our Dear Lord in on the process.    After all,   what comes my way is His doing, because He knows what’s best for the development of my soul.

Who am I to call His “flowers”  my debris?!!!



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