CALIFORNIA BOUND 1.1 (Re-inventing Myself)

As this Road Trip begins to relieve the stress  that had built up,  so does the humor and good cheer  flood back in.

One of the morning tasks of being on the road is to find yourself a good breakfast – one that is compatible with a day’s driving.   I’m not going to flood you with Food pictures during this trip (unless I find that good Nebraska steak I’ll be hunting for today)  but I will show you this hotel’s breakfast room, because that’s where my epiphany occurred.


Nothing too unusual about it.   It smelled nice:  waffles and maple syrup,   oranges, coffee, oatmeal (other people’s oatmeal smells pretty good), and sausages. . . .

The room was full this morning, so I had to take an empty seat at a table already occupied by a nice-looking couple.   I told myself I was too old to be shy,  so I nodded to them,  raised my eyebrows, and they nodded and smiled back.  I placed my boiled eggs and coffee on their table and got me and my chair organized.  

I had already found a good church, and all I had left to do was eat, pack, and go.  Such is the simple life of an ordinary Road Trip.  

But we talked, that couple and I.   We were all on the road because of family business.   They were here in Iowa for their son’s graduation from medical school, and we talked about sons and daughters and grandchildren.   Uh – they win:  they have seven children and 22 grandchildren (so far).    They are Mormons from Utah.  

As we talked, they asked me questions about myself.   Now, I’m not too inventive in the morning,  but I heard myself “inventing”  a lot of nice things about my life, about my children,  Hubbie,  my house — comparing Utahan desert “lawn” work with lush, green, overenthusiastic midwestern springtime lawn work….   I could have “re-invented” my life in any way I chose.

But as I heard myself talk,  I realized my stories were all true.   I wasn’t “inventing” anything.   Spoken to these two strangers,  my life sounded pretty good.    

 The couple from Utah seemed happy and full of good cheer.    I’m sure their lives sounded pretty good to them too.

I could re-invent myself to a whole lot of strangers  during these next couple of weeks,  but I don’t think I want to.   This trip might be more of a re-discovery.  

Dear Lord,  please give me a little more time to repair the damage I’ve done to others and to complete the task which you’ve set out for me.   I love the world you put me in.

And that was my epiphany in that breakfast room this morning.


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