CALIFORNIA BOUND – 2 (Silly and Serious)

Day Two:    I wrote yesterday that the stress is falling off and the humor is coming back.   I’m in a strange new city on a Sunday, found a church, punched in its address on my Tom Tom, and dutifully and seriously started on my way.   Well, the Good Lord wasn’t going to let me be serious for long.   I turned on the radio and there was  “The Mississippi Squirrel” !

squirrel berserker    For those of you who like parody, hyperbole, and a good, fun hillbilly song,  you can YouTube Ray Stevens singing it or Google the lyrics about the squirrel that got loose in church. . . “The day the squirrel went berserk. . .Well, what happened next is hard to tell. . . Some thought it was heaven others thought it was hell. . .   It was a fight for survival, that broke out in revival.   They were jumpin pews and shouting Halelujah!  

Well, I appreciated the fun, but I was heading for a place where there would be no squirrel chaos, no surprises, and I wanted it that way.   I needed to be quietly with Someone today.

The church complex on the edge of town was huge, with many buildings, I counted eight;  hard to tell which one to enter:


But once you get inside,  you’re rewarded with some beautiful artwork:


An impressive ceiling:


And lowering your eyes a little, you’ll see more beauty:


Ironically, the modern-types who think all this is unnecessary do their worshiping there, in that beautiful space. . .


. . . and as usual,  “our type,” to whom tradition and expressive art work means so much,  is relegated to a lesser space.   Still it was tastefully and nicely done.


Although the sermon is not the most important part of our Sundays,  it is the most “variable.”   When you’re on the road, and it’s a Sunday,  you never know what you’re going to get.   First sentence of the sermon:    “as the old saying goes, “There is only one god,  and you’re not Him!”    He told a couple stories with good, gentle humor and then finally drilled down into his main point, which was the fact and reality of the Triune God,  which only He can understand because “we’re not God” !

Nice people there.   Many were young families.   Lots of children in little suits or dresses.   One wee little one stretched himself out on a comfy carpeted kneeler and went to sleep between his parents’ knees, but most children were attentive and participated as best they could.   The Faith has a good future.

On to Sunday dinner next!

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