CALIFORNIA BOUND – 3.0 ( “Lost in America”)

No Internet last night…or at least not one with a strong enough signal to reach The Spruce Tunnel.   Sometimes that happens.     I spent today without Internet too – and not much cell phone connection,  no radio,  no restaurants,  no Interstates…   In short,  I spent nearly the whole  day on two lane roads —  and  less than two lanes:


Really.   The road I was on just . . . ended.

There wasn’t much of anything in any direction.


I had started out on a two-lane paved road,  but there were construction cones all over and absolutely no signs.  No signs telling me where I wanted to go,  no signs telling me the name of the road I was on, just the memory of a cheery young lady behind a gas station counter assuring me that what I wanted to find was “that way” – which I had just about figured out.     But first I had to figure out a way to get out of the desert – literally.      The  purple sage was beautiful,   but that’s not where roads continue on:


My Tom Tom couldn’t find the “point of interest”  that I had requested.     What I wanted was somewhere  in the vicinity of Utah, Wyoming, and Colorado – where those three kind of come together.

I did eventually find a paved road again, but all there was  to see was plenty  of nothing — gorgeous, beautiful “nothing”  –


You just have to experience the “vast vistas”  that you can drive through for a whole day, hours and hours on end without seeing towns or stores or even signs of people.   I did, however, see signs made by people.   Entertaining signs for the driver.

“Loose Stock.”    I’m from the Midwest, and “stock” is what you put on grocery shelves, and if it gets loose,  you put the stock back on the shelves where they belong.

“Blasting.  Stay on road”      That’s what I was trying to do!      The narrow, winding, mountainous road got more and more difficult to drive on –   my focus was absolutely trying to stay on the road.

“9% – 10 switchbacks – 9 miles”      And then all my attention was on forcing the steering wheel in the right position and  keeping my foot pressed firmly on the brakes!    It took a lot of effort and after about ten minutes of  right angles, back and forth, pointing downwards,  I saw another sign that actually said:    “Nine more to go” —   This was going to be a countdown to the pit of you-know-where.     More than once I wondered what it would be like to just let go and go flying off into the . . . scenery.

“Carmel Formation Contains Cannonball Concretions”        How’s that for a puzzler!    But it told me I was getting closer to my goal.

“Earth’s Oldest Extinction Area”     (I took that as a comment on the roads.)

Well,  sorry,   I’m way too tired to get to the best part of my day,  but I did eventually find a map of where I was going:


The blue line is the river of the beautiful Flaming Gorge that I was roughly paralleling.   This is just a map.   The photographs are stunning.  The reality takes your breath away.

So that’s one place where I was today, and now,  looking out my car’s front window,  over the dash,   here’s a hint at where I was heading  –


I found them!    But, oh, not even a car could go where I had to go today!

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