CALIFORNIA BOUND – 3.1 (Gorgeous Gorge)

I’m not sure about my numbering system in the titles, but the 3’s are going to be Tuesday, just so I can keep track of my trip when I get home.    Tuesday was my play-day, so I got off-road a bit.  Actually, I got off-road quite a bit.  I didn’t always know where I was, but I knew where I wanted to be, and the first goal was The Flaming Gorge.

G Powell It’s good to know who discovered the rugged scenes I’m going to show you,  because this is a great American hero, scarcely remembered today, and he deserves our honor and respect.   I chose this picture of him because it shows how he got around:     horseback in the wilderness, with most of his right arm missing, shot off by a small cannonball during the Civil War.   In spite of the pain it caused him for the rest of his life, he explored the Green River, including the Flaming Gorge, and the Grand Canyon, and then made scholarly reports to the Smithsonian Institution.   His life is well worth looking up.   And he named most of the land formations that I saw yesterday.

I drove into the area, parked the car, and got out to walk the pathway to see the Gorge.   First thing was this important sign:

G Sign

Sometimes you should just pay attention to signs.    See the bottom line?    “Watch for rock crevices.”     In capital letters:

SAMSUNGWe are on a sandstone cliff,  a couple thousand feet above the river, and those cracks are deep into the sandstone!   As a matter of fact,  those people out at the edge seem to be on the wrong side of one big crack!

SAMSUNGThose sheer cliffs are not motionless, geologically speaking.   But the view is worth going out to the edge!    Tippy-toes, looking out and over:

G overview

It was hard to get the camera to capture the color of the red cliffs which give the name “flaming”  when the sun shines  on them.    It was a mostly cloudy day, and every camera-shot made the colors different.


Patches of sunlight and color.   I’m sure a professional phtographer would make artwork out of this:


I know these are a lot of pictures of almost the “same thing” –  but it’s just a hint of what the scenery does to a person – it mesmerizes you.  It hypnotizes you.    You stare and stare and stare and seem to see more each moment.   You are absolutely captured by the  scenes in front of you and you don’t think of anything at all,  you just “be” there.    The scale of these cliffs is so much larger than a human being.

As I watched the inhumanly immense world in front of me,  I noticed a small human element in the scene:

SAMSUNGThat’s a big tourist boat down there.   What a wonderful boat ride that would be!

Well,  this wasn’t the main attraction of the day.   I was off to recapture an important bit of my childhood.

I returned on the peaceful pathways under the ponderosa pines:

IMG_1809In the car. . . and under a stylish little bridge, over the Green river. . . .


I feel very , very small.    The world is so large and more beautiful than I can even comprehend.

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