I hope I don’t keep saying this, but I am sooooooo tired.   Between the altitude and the activities  (and NOT my age!)  I find myself feeling physically more tired than I thought I ever could be.    We are busy, busy, busy, doing all sorts of wonderful things.

But I got away this morning and found a little oasis in the midst of all the activity.   All alone  in my little Blue Car, I drove up and down forested mountain roads.

SAMSUNGI wasn’t sightseeing, exactly,   but I sure enjoyed the sights.    I’d turn a tight corner and find myself staring at more pine trees and curves, this one up steeply. . . .  more steeply than the camera can show, apparently.

SAMSUNGAnd then down.     Up and down for a few miles this morning, just staring out my car windows in the early morning High Sierra mountains.    It seemed like I wasn’t going anywhere because it all looked beautifully the same.   It was a nice change of pace.   Forest,  just forest;   nothing on my schedule for a while except this drive to another quiet oasis:

SAMSUNGA little church surrounded by forest. . . .

And, inside,   time to enter another space, mentally and spiritually, traveling upwards –

church front  j

And when I’m calmed and refreshed, time to return to family activities  through the hilly pines –


The hills go up hundreds of feet to the right and down hundreds of feet to the left, and the road goes on through the middle.     And nothing to do for a while but . . . drive.

Everyone needs an oasis.    Our lives can become so overly busy and full of essential cares,  but for a greater, better life, we need a regular time to stop it all.     Wisely,  our Church tells us it’s our duty to stop everything and “travel upwards” every week,  but there is so much more to it than just “duty” !

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One Comment on “CALIFORNIA 5 (Oasis)”

  1. loisontheweb Says:

    Great for you to have this change of pace …
    Da UP has lots of nice scenery … You found another like spot. This one is important because you have loved ones there.
    I talked to Peggy and Phyllis … They are hoping you stop in coming back thru Salt Lake City. Phyllis is moving closer to the rest of the family … But they still have the same phones.
    Remembering when Emil and Oral moved to Minnesota From the UP …Then, UTAH….
    Maybe you will end up moving …?

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