After taking forty pictures with my cell phone camera,  the little one said:  “Here, Grrrrma, take a picture of ME!”


“Here, Grrrrma, take a picture of my soccer ball!”


He’s an expert with electronic devices,  he’s 2 1/2 years old,  and he’s the reason I’m here.    I wanted to enter his world for this brief moment in time, because it will never be here again.

So here is his world – and here is the reason I’m exhausted all the time!

One day Cooper’s Mommy said “Let’s go out for lunch!”   “Okay,” we all said.   So we all took off on our bikes – in these forested mountain hills –  and pedaled off to lunch.


We didn’t send the little guy off on his own; Mommy wasn’t far behind sometimes. 


The main reason I came at this time in early June is to see Cooper’s ballet recital.  

Oh, yes,  he’s got the moves. . . .(over there on the right)


And then the little ones had to be led carefully off the stage.


Really, really, little ones!

But he’s not too little;  he’s really a “big, strong” boy:

Cooper’s Daddy says he discovered the rings only two weeks ago, and already he can support his own weight,  swing back and forth, and even try some spins.



And then a nice walk in the park, through the woods, over a nice metal bridge. . .


. . . leads Cooper and Grrrrma to some “mountain climbing.”    Me first,   then waiting for Cooper –


Then he’s King of the Mountain!


Then back down for more . . . .more activities. . . . more surprises for Grrrrma. . . .more reasons to be here. . . .


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