We still haven’t slowed down. . . .    Why am I here?    “To wear my self down to a nub,” apparently, attempting to be a part of Cooper’s days.

We went mountain climbing – again!

Climbing again

That’s a portion of beautiful Lake Tahoe in the background – otherwise known as Cooper’s Back Yard.   He climbed up and down rock faces, boulders, nooks and crannies, just have a good, giggling time.

He loves the beaches at Lake Tahoe, and he just plain loves water.   Here he is getting out of a boat – again !   Good sea legs and a life vest helps.


And what better place to meet a … well,  a girlfriend,  than at the beach, sitting in a puddle of mud!!


Cooper has the dance moves too –


And tumbling –

SAMSUNGCooper asked me to play “base-a-ball”   with him, but all I had to do was run after the ball.   He never missed!

SAMSUNGHe likes trains – a LOT –  and he likes monster trucks.   Uncle John gave him a  monster truck for Christmas and he’s become quite an expert in this self-propelled little vehicle.   And then to make it interesting,  he pretend-crashes into things.   What fun!

Car Crash

The day wouldn’t be complete without an hour or so in the park:

Cooper swinging highAnd that completes the Cooper Album this trip –  or so I think.

How can I say good-bye to this little treasure?

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