EAST BY NORTH – 1 (More Courage and Heroism)

“Dum dum da dum…I don’t want to give up my life for you…da dum da dum dee dee……but I will if I have to to keep us all free….da dee dee…..”    ” Freedom ain’t free….da dum da dum dee dee….”American soldier….American soldier….da dum da da …..)


Cruising Montana Roads today. . . .and the Idaho Hills. . .


Decided to turn the radio on,  find out what these people listen to, as I pass by.   And those are some of the words I remember hearing in a song.     It’s D-Day today.  the Sixth of June.   These people are real patriotic and real manly…direct and friendly and good-natured.     It could be those mountains and never-ending hills and roads, and the vast pasture and ranch lands in the valleys and that Big Sky up above;  it just makes a person feel small and precious on that landscape,  and we’re all in this together and we need each other and we need to be free to live our lives and raise our families.   

And all this freedom to live and breathe and choose our ways “ain’t free”  as the song said.    

But I really want to write about a “journey”   that some other young men took on this day, a few decades ago.

omaha ready

Young men on a journey to one of the beaches in Normandy:  Omaha,  Utah . . . . five beaches in all, ready to receive them, the National-Socialist soldiers waiting for them.   The odds were not good for us.  We all knew that.   It was a long shot,  but it had to be done.   We were fighting for the freedom of Europe, and ultimately our freedom too.  

Many of these young men stayed there after the battle:

omaha cemMany Europeans visit this cemetery in Normandy every year, still feeling echoes of gratitude to the United States, for our contribution to freedom.    

I hear our Rulers are not teaching much about this in schools today, but it’s still  important to find out why we fought against the National Socialists of Germany, why was it so important, why was it worth the lives of so many young men.   

We’ve got to be CLEAR about this.   I read this, this morning, at the breakfast table:

“If tyranny and oppression come to the land  (The United States of America),  it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.”    (written by James Madison)

We fought a foreign enemy on D-Day, 1944, but we did not give up our own constitutional freedoms at that time.     

Can the same people who fought for freedom then give up their freedoms now –  in the name of  “security” ?      I believe James Madison was right.    He is one of our Fathers.    He wanted to warn us.


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