EAST BY NORTH – (Our Many Forks)

Dinosaur man Had to finally say good-bye to little dinosaur man.       Cooper lives at about 6600 feet elevation,  and as I left his home, I had to head downwards.


That’s a 12 % downgrade ahead on the road.  Way, way in the distance, right in the middle,  you can see some of the snow-capped peaks of the Sierras.  I stayed high in elevation all across Nevada  from 4,200 to 8,640 feet,   but I stayed pretty low in emotion, already missing Cooper and his family and not at all sure which way I was going to drive home.  I could go straight and quickly east, or I could take a little northern route and see some new sights.    East or north –  it was my Fork in the Road coming up soon.

By nighttime, at my hotel, I just wanted to go home,  and as fast as possible.    I wanted to “be” home.    But well-rested and in the morning sun,  I took the northern Fork.

Utah brought me to the salt flats

Bonneville sign

I stood on the shore of the Bonneville Salt Flats, marveling at the processes that formed these many, many miles of flat surface, as far as you can see.    That mountain in the distance is more than seven miles away,  but it didn’t seem that far.

Bonneville flats

It’s quite a sight to see.  At the rest area there you can walk right out onto the salt surface, but you’ll bring all that salt back into your car.    There are tire tracks leading off the highway;   people just can’t resist, I guess.

And then I took that north fork into Idaho.

Beautiful mountain scenery as far as your eye can see.      Imagine driving through this for hours and hours!


Interesting restaurants on that northern route too.


The food was good. Won’t get into what I ordered – ha ha.    But I had more food issues to come.    I stopped at a gas station with juice and snacks on my mind.   Right there, by the juice and snacks this gas station had a distinct flair for “outdoor activities.”

Maggots for sale

I just bought some apple juice for the road.

So here I am, committed to the northern route.   It feels good to have finally made the choice, and now I have a route,  a plan for the future.   I had plenty of time in the car, behind the steering wheel,  thinking of all the choices there are to make.   Each choice leading us down one fork in our road ahead — or the other.

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3 Comments on “EAST BY NORTH – (Our Many Forks)”

  1. If you are heading eastbound, the situation changes. We’ve taken heavy RVs over all three of these routes in an eastbound direction. While the northern routes aren’t a whole lot of fun, they are doable.

  2. Jon Says:

    So, was it a restaurant AND a bait shop all rolled into one? Just wondering.

  3. Ha Ha – It was a gas station/convenience store AND a convenient bait shop! Just seemed a little yucky so close to the human snacks.

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